HobbyBoss N/AW A-10

Started by tigercat2, August 17, 2009, 03:47:24 PM

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The HobbyBoss kit is an excellent one, IMHO, and is the only one available, I beleive, for the 2 seat version.  Here is my version; a test bird in NMF and day glow along with a few other aircraft.

Wes W.


Nice, the NMF coat looks beautiful on the ten, and the dayglow really sets it off.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.


Looks excellent, and very plausible.  If you'd done it with a single seater I reckon you could fool a few folks into thinking it was real :D
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Very nice!  That Hobbyboss A-10B is a nice kit, isn't it?

EDIT:  Hobbyboss... I meant to type Hobbyboss...
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Quote from: anthonyp on August 18, 2009, 06:30:16 PM
Very nice!  That Hobbycraft A-10B is a nice kit, isn't it?

Actually it is a HobbyBoss kit, and yes, I think HobbyBoss kits are superb.

Wes W.

Brian da Basher

Very nice, Wes! The day-glo orange is an especially nice touch and very eye-catching too.
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Brian da Basher


Thanks so much; I have a great fondness for USAF markings in the '60s; NMF or ADC grey with large insignia and "U. S. Air Force" spelled out in the fuselage.  The addition of dayglo red or orange just made them that much better, IMHO.

Wes W.