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A Rare Bird - Nimrod

Started by monkeyhanger, August 13, 2009, 07:18:51 AM

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Just been in the garden enjoying the rays from our G spectrum yellow dwarf and heard the sound of aero engines. I looked up to see a Nimrod with the wheels down. It was low enough to see the tail sting, refueling probe etc. This is the second time I've seen one recently. I guess it is something to do with the remanufacturing programme. As I live south of Preston - BAE Sytems country - I do get see quite a few in service aircraft. When I was working at County Hall I would often see Tornados, Hawk and Typhoons. I have seen Typhoons messing about over Leyalnd.

I lived a few miles from Duxford a few years ago and was often treated to overflights of stuff from the museum. We had guests one weekend and my pal Dave was astounded when he stepped into the back garden and then saw tow Mustangs followed by two Spitfires flying low over the house.
If this is Upper Silesia, one can only wonder what Lower Silesia is like.

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Nice...when we were in Stornoway back in '98, I was treated to a nice low pass by a Nimrod. It was low cloud, and the coolest sight ever. Lots of noise as well !

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Nice spot.  I saw one about two years back over my work, pretty sure it was an even rarer bird, the R.1.  It had the stumpy tail & I live reasonably close to Waddington, if not close enough to see their aircraft often.
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very occasionally see one over the village on LONG finals into Waddington, but more usually a Sentry.
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Get out in your garden Monkeyhanger - I've just stood outside the Woodford factory in a rare bit of sunshine and watched PA4* take off for the first time.

Remarkably quiet, and a very short takeoff run, although I dare say it wasn't at anything like MTO.

*4th MRA.4 to be built, first "production" one.
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Well the sun is shining again but I'm exiled to Glasgow for 4 months so I'll keep an eye open at weekends. Saw a Typhoon last weekend. Do they get time and a half on Saturdays?
If this is Upper Silesia, one can only wonder what Lower Silesia is like.