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Started by anthonyp, August 10, 2009, 04:44:07 PM

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Not sure if anyone's ever ordered from them, but they are awesome!!!!  Been a few years since my last order (was still into Macross back then), but placed an order for the resin 1/700 USS Alaska, and it arrived today.  I forgot how quick these guys are!

Big time props to HLJ!  And a huge recommendation for anyone looking for that really rare object you know exists somewhere in Japan.

They can be a bit on the expensive side (depending on exchange rates), but they are a lot faster than they used to be.

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Also a reminder for anyone attending SMW at Telford they are taking pre-orders for delivery at the show.
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I used to use HLJ a lot, but not in the last few years. I always found them quicker and cheaper than some UK based dealers. Also on the one occasion there was a mistake with my order it was solved quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.


Very good firm to deal with, I've used them quite a bit for SF3D stuff  ;D
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I just found this.  It's not strictly a whiff, being one of those "prototypes that never saw combat", but it could lead to so much more.

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They are very useful for stuff like a lot of the Hasegawa specials that don't make it out of Japan.  However the plummeting pound has made them not as attractive as in years gone by.
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