Help, canopy fogged up beyond all hope!

Started by Silverfox, August 10, 2009, 02:41:59 PM

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I was assembling the canopy for my 1/72nd Bronco today, and being the meat-fisted primate I am, I managed to get poly cement over some of the seams.

Just as some background info - I'm new to scale modelling, and the only thing I built previously were Games Workshop kits, which weren't too bad with poly cement, or Gundam snap-together kits.
They also lacked clear parts in most cases, and even when they didn't, it was easy to attach them.

I was also informed, back when I were a wee cubling, that nail varnish remover gets rid of poly cement. Well, it does a bit, but not spectacularly... and fogged the canopy up even more.
I'm now faced with a completely fogged and scratched canopy, after trying to remove the glue and fouling things up further, and before I give up and paint the whole things black (do not want to do this), are there any tips or help anyone can offer?

Also, I am aware of this Future Floor stuff - but being more or less a newbie, I haven't got any idea how to use it - is there a guide?


Ah, sorry to hear that.  Nail Varnish remover contains acetone, which attacks most plastics.  You can probably get away with a small amount on opaque plastic, but you'll still need to sand it smooth.  Clear plastic will fog immediately on contact.  I can attest to this, as a young lab tech I picked up an acetone wash bottle instead of the usual meths to clean my lab specs, couldn't see a bloody thing when I put them back on & my mates didn't let me hear the end of it!

Klear (the brand name for Future in the UK) might help a bit, but it probably won't cure it.  If you going to get hold of Klear, do so soon, they've changed the formulation (avoid the new stuff that's called Pledge with Klear).  Don't worry, there seems to still be plenty of stock on the shelves so you should be able to pick some up.

Your best bet is to polish it out.  Start with a fine sandpaper, go down gradually, then use polishing cloths available from  I've never done this, but I here it's a bit of a chore.  The other possibility is to get a replacement, some manufacturers can be helpful, or put out a request in the Swap Shop part of the forum, someone somwhere might have one left over from a kitbash.

Hope it helps!
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You could try asking Jean-Marc if he has a replacment in his stock. If so, he will send it for free and just ask that you send him the postage in US funds.
I'll give you his E-mail address if you like.
Allan in Canberra


Thanks for the help guys. I e-mailed Jean-Marc, so fingers crossed. If that doesn't work out, then I'll bite the bullet and black out the canopy. I think with my next model, I'll be more careful! And I'll get some of that Future stuff too.

Thanks again - I'll keep you updated on what happens too.



Quote from: Silverfox on August 10, 2009, 02:41:59 PM
Also, I am aware of this Future Floor stuff - but being more or less a newbie, I haven't got any idea how to use it - is there a guide?

Easy as anything. Either "paint" both the inside and outside of the clear part with it and place on a piece of tissue to dry. Or fill a small container with Future/Klear, dip the clear part in it, remove to tissue to dry. For a really dull canopy just do this a couple of times.

Best of luck with the replacement

Also you might find it best to use PVA white glue or something like Humbrol Clearfix to fix canopies in future, avoids the inevitable poly marks (inevitable for me that is  :banghead:)

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Let's hope the wonderful Jean-Marc comes to the party, but if he can't help what you could do is mix some thinned white glue with water, dip a piece of tissue into it and paint the tissue a suitably sombre color once it has dried then drape it over the canopy so it looks like a tarp protecting the canopy.
But if Jean-Marc has a replacment he will let you know.
Please mention my name when you speak with him and say Bon Jour for me.
Allan in Canberra


Which Bronco kit was it ? .... I may have a spare in my collection (for the Airfix OV-10A) for the cost of postage (I'm in the UK)

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It's a 1/72nd scale Academy one I have.

Allan - I like the tarp idea. I'm modelling it gear down, and loaded up, so I could make that work. It'd beat painting it 'blacked out' too.


I have dipped canopies in Klear and then used a dab of it as a glue to stick the canopy to the model. White glue or clearfix is better though.


Actually, I've often thought about painting canopies gold with correct framing painted, with the result that you don't have to do any work on the cockpit at all.
Think how much time you would save!!!
Allan in Canberra


Have you tried using nail polishing sticks, the four colour type (Coarse - Black, Fine - Purple, Extra Fine - Pink, Polisher - White), then a dip in Future (Kleer).
Works wonders fer me!
Also a coating of Future(Kleer) is damn good if you go over the canopy frames when painting - the paint comes off when you scrape it with a Cocktail Stick(Toothpick)