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Any H-3 fans out there?

Started by Eddie M., August 09, 2009, 06:30:29 PM

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Eddie M.

Just going through some of my old photos and dusted off some H-3 photos. There's something I really like about this helo and it started back when I used to watch the Apollo recoveries as a kid.

Look behind you!

Eddie M.

Look behind you!

Eddie M.


Look behind you!

Eddie M.

Look behind you!

Cliffy B

YES!!!!!  Fav helo ever!!!

Thanks for the photos man, keep 'em coming if you have anymore please.  :cheers:
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Eddie M.

Glad you like 'em Cliffy. I'll add some more tomorrow.
Look behind you!


Im a huge fan! My dad had to work on the USAF version for a few weeks and he was most definitely not a fan!  Thanks again Eddie for such great pics  :bow:
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H-3 ?


Around here, Edward, that chopper is known as Mr. King......Sea King, that is !

Great pics. I recognize a few from your previous posts, but htere's a few new beauties to make us all fall back in love again !


CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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Eddie M.

I'm glad y'all like them. My oversite Capt. I should be using the proper name when mentioning such a fine aircraft.;)

Here's the last of the decent ones I have left.

Look behind you!



worked for Heli-pro(when they existed) doing S-61 shortenings for the heli-log market.
Take an S-61L or N airliner (mostly N models), remove the nose/flight deck, take out a roughly four foot plug, replace nose.
Also the sponsons are removed and replaced with L model fixed gear.
Voila one S-61 Shortsky. Same engine power, lighter weight = more lift capacity.
Taking out the plug gained 1000+ lbs of lift simply by reducing the fuselage area under the rotor disc.

A VIH (Vancouver Island Helicopters) machine.

Hayes C-FHHM, I worked on their first Shortsky C-FHFS.


nice seaking pictures, im kind of a big seaking fan myself  :mellow:
i made tons of Belgian Seaking pics, and i even have some RAF & German pics, there's something special about that chopper  :rolleyes:
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When i visited the Danish Aviation Museum earlier this summer, they had just received an ex-RDAF S-61. It was freshly painted in the original colours, and looked like it had just come out of Sikorsky's factory. It was fabulous!