Mig-37 Naval Ferret

Started by F-32, February 25, 2004, 06:14:54 AM

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Hi guys,

The model is finished at last, its Italeri's Mig-37 Ferret and I have modified it to a VTOL configuration.

I won't tell you too much about it here as I've submitted it with a background story as an article to Geoff (hope that was the right place to send it!) but I thought I'd post a picture just to show it off.

Hope you like the model.



Comrade F-32!!!

I must congratulate you on this magnificient realisation.  However, I fear the worst for you, since you speak like a corrupt Western capitalist dog!!!

:lol:  :lol:  ;)

Major Olivienev Jakovitch Lacombski, SPD VVS (Special Projects Division)


Comrade F-32ski, with your superlative piece of socialist engineering we laugh in the face of the Imperialist American Aggressors and their inferior so called "Joint Strike Fighter"  :ph34r:  
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Comrade F32ski,

The GRU sends it hearty congratulations on this magnificent achievement for the glourious Soviet Navy. A true example of our superior products over the western imperialist running dogs pathetic attempts. A case of good Russian Vodka is being sent with thanks from the GRU

Comrade Colonel Lancerov - GRU  
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Comrade F-32ski,

I must congratulate you on the fine work of your OKB.  Surely your patriotic efforts will bring glory to the Motherland.  Now if only my engineers will hurry up with their project...perhaps if I threatened to send them to Siberia...
"We can resolve this over tea and fisticuffs!!!"


My congratulations comrade!

you have served the motherland without question with this endeavour!  emerging from the mist to wreak havoc upon decadent american carriers, this fine aircraft will leave those opposed to marxist-leninist thought no doubt as to the validity of our communist example!

onwards comrades, to victory!

comrade tomski, i sympathise with your plight - the workers at my accursed OKB are the laziest western running dogs i have ever encountered, with many models still sitting on their sprues.  whilst the spirit may be willing, they (and regrettably, i myself)  appear to lack time and application...perhaps i should send MYSELF to the gulags for a while to renew my communist vigour.

my shame is unbearable.


indeed, my shame is such that inadvertently i posted without first logging in.

my apologies comrades.
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Congratulations from the KGB Torvaritch 32ski! We will put those imperialist to shame...........................

I fear the worst for the motherland, not only because Comrads Tomski, seventiesov and our represinative from an unIDed OKB, a memo was sent to me from the Vepr OKB, which stated that not only are the cooperative projects w/ Sukhoi and Yakovlev are running into several re-design problems, but the joint effort w/ Mikoyan on a navalised variant of the MiG-26 has been set back due to major fatigue in the prototype a/f. Only the strong socialist spirit of our people will kep us from faultering!

Vespernoilavich B)  
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- Bud S.


comrade Vespernoilavich, i must confess that it is i who am the unidentified anonymous poster.

however, publicly prostrating myself before the soviet has done wonders for my righteous vigour - not only is the mig-29 now taken from its sprues and sanded in a show of pre-assembly good will, but i forsee great things for this aircraft.

onwards comrades...now is not the time to rest!  
"Computer games don't affect kids. I mean, if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." Kristin Wilson, Nintendo Inc, 1989.

Joe C-P

Most excellent results, Comrade! An amazing transformation as well, and clever redesign.

:cheers: (They are toasting you with good Socialist brew.)

As you will see in another thread, the prototype for this aircraft will soon be available in 1/700, so your aircraft will be able to touch down aboard the glorious triumph of the motherland, the carrier Sovietsky Soyuz. I shall enjoy the challenge of replicating your fine work in miniature.

Comrade Iosef R
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