Westland/Grumman F7F-5P 'Bosscat' PR.4

Started by Bungle, July 14, 2009, 12:57:43 PM

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In the early 1950's the Royal Navy were keen to acquire a fast photo reconnaissance aircraft that could fly from their carrier fleet. With the RAF bringing the Canberra on-line and the Shackleton in the hands of Coastal Command the Senior Service looked to Westland for a solution.

Westland had over estimated the Navy's desire for the Wyvern and had a stockpile of Armstrong Siddeley Python engines and initial considered re-launching the cancelled TF.2 converting it to a photo reconnaissance version. But in a bizarre link up with Grumman, Westland were given several airframes from the Tigercat (F7F-3) project that was scaling down. Unfortunately the F7F-3 was a single seater and the RN's specification required a twin seater. Westland got around this by extending the nose and lengthening the wingspan.

Twelve F7F-5P's were produce for the Royal Navy and two for Grummans own use. Westland decided not to name their creation after the original Tigercat but fittingly gave it the moniker Bosscat.

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That is a really great whiff. Westland AND Grumman together. Where are Benny and Brain and the rest of the gang?

That was a really inspired build.

Well done!


EDIT: The callsign of the aircraft would not be TC would it?
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Now this I do like :mellow:
Is it 48th or 72nd Andy? We need to know more details on this thing,
Chris. :thumbsup:
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Gary F

Nice idea and work.  But yeah, more details!

Gary F


That is nice! Love the contra-prop Pythons!  :thumbsup:

Doc Yo

 Nothing I love more* than overpowered twins, and this certainly fills the bill. Well done!

* I was going to say "Except Sybil Danning" but then  it occured to me that she probably qualified as
over powered twins as well...



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Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

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Ed S

Very nice.  That thing must really haul a** with that much power and all those prop blades.

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Captain Canada

Wow. Just plain wow ! That has got to be one of the sexiest birds ever to grace this joint. Between the colour, the props, the tip tanks, the Suez stripes.....uhhhh....this baby has it all !

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Now I really like this design! :thumbsup:  I would be interested in knowing some of the bits and bobs you used to build this baby.

Especially the engines.
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