RCAF 2000 has begun...

Started by Ollie, February 21, 2004, 05:24:08 PM

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Here's the first RCAF 2000 bird in the inventory!!

Saab CF-139A Viking, 433 Sqn.

Background story is still in the works.  Kit is Italeri 1/72 with Leading Edge decals (Thanks Barry!).

Camouflage is home grown shape disruptive pattern.  Look for a lot more aircraft painted like that in my RCAF 2000 thing...

Just hang to your belt for the rest, 'cause it'll be worth it.


:wub:  :dum:  why didn't I think of that? (oh wait, thats cuz mine's down for ADVAIR  :huh: )

Ves B)
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Absolutely friggin' swEEEEEEEEEEEEt, Ollie!   :wub:

Now, just one question:

With the 2004 release by Italeri of the 1:48 Gripen, will you do the magic again in the bigger scale?????

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Thanks guys!

Barry, I knew you would love that one, since it's a Grippen!

I'll leave the 1/48 one for you, but I'll do another one in 1/72, this time a two-seater as a demo bird...

B)  :wub:  :wub:  


Bloody brilliant Ollie. That is one gorgeous looking Gripen
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How to make a good looking aircraft look even better  :)  
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Thanks alot guys...  

I have a few aircrafts set to be painted like that, just wait and see....   B)  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  

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Yeah, looking good, Ollie !
But you got the numbers mixed up....it's 420, n0t 024 !

Cheers !
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Eh indeed my friend!


LOVE it Olivier - great cammo scheme too, it really adds something different to an already stunning subject...

article?  :wub:  :wub:

all the best mate,

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Retro, as soon as I have 2-3 RCAF 2000 birds done, I'll do a super feature about them.




QuoteBut you got the numbers mixed up....it's 420, n0t 024 !

Toad, that is the serial number.

0 = fund allocated for the purchase of this aircraft was in 2000, hence the 0.

24 = 24th aircraft paid for that year.

Same thing as on the Hornets!!



In Britain the system is different:

0 = the amount of money available to pay for it.
24 = the amount of times more than the original estimate the project costs.

Smart model BTW. You now that little symbol above the last 'a' in 'Canada'? Is that going to become "TM" when the decals get outlawed? :P  <_<