Aircraft machine gun pod for post WWII and Korean War era aircraft

Started by philp, June 29, 2009, 01:49:18 PM

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My Rabid 'munk is still lacking some teeth.  The machine gun pods from the Heller T-6 won't work because, a) they hold 2 guns and b) they are too long  :banghead:

What I am looking for is a .30 to .50 style gun pod, single barrel.  1-2 of said pods would be great.

As always, I have decals available and a pretty good parts box for trading.
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Do you have an Airfix A-26 or access to one, the kit comes with four .5" '2-gun' fairings which attach to the underside of the outer wings which could be converted to a single gun or even some pods from a P-39/63 would work too.
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Why not make one out of sprue or plastic tube?

Here is the LT-6G single .30 'gun package'.



Thanks for the link.  I didn't come across that one when I did my search.

That is kind of how I will probably solve this.  I have plenty of extra tanks, just need to find something the right size and stick a gun barrel in it.  At first I was thinking mini gun pod as I have a couple from the Airfix O-2 but then thinking this plane would be earlier than that timeframe so started the search.  Probably use a 7 shot rocket pod for the other side.
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Jeffry Fontaine

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Thanks Jeff,
Already been to most of these but not the FN Herstal.  Looks like it is a little past my timeframe but useful for something in the future maybe.
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