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Started by kitnut617, June 24, 2009, 10:17:12 AM

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I have an opportunity to get hold of a book called 'British Experimental Jets' by Barry Hygate.  The seller is asking for offers, but a search on google produces some really silly money for those on sale which I'm not sure really represents what the book cost.  Does anyone have this book who can tell me what the original sale value was for it please so I can make a reasonable offer without insulting the guy.

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They do go for silly money, My copy came all the way from south africa. Good book thou. Story is that it was used as a refrence for the Maintrack project X vac form masters.
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IIRC when I bought my copy new in the late 90s I spent $40.00 and Terry Moore picked up a copy
from a vendor at the 2008 IPMS-Seattle show for about the same.

According to the book info on the University of Toronto library site the original price was £32.50.

I don't have the dust jacket for my copy, or the binding for that matter as I completely unbound the book
and turned it into a loose file. Being unbound makes it so much easier to use the drawings ya see.  :wacko:

Offer him 50 bucks and see what he says.



The official price on the dust cover of my copy is £32.50 and that was the original 1990 printing.
Lots of good plans in 1/72 apart from the Short Sperrin which is 1/144.
Good book.

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Thanks guys, I guess it's because they're very hard to find, but on Amazon there's one for $365 which is a bit too much for my pocket.  I did find a copy at Discount Hobby Zone, a Greek website, for 120 Euros (C$200+), even that is way to much for me.
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Well Amazon UK have one at £374 ! Makes the Greek price look good  :banghead:
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Original price was 32.50, but I bought my copy when they were selling copies off, via Scale Models magazine for a discount price of £5, must have found the book hard to shift at the time.



I think I got mine at a sale price through aircraft modelworld back in the dark ages, or at least it would have been some time after the books original release date. Sure it was half the cover price.



Hi guys, my first post and im sorry but its a bit of a gloat... I also was trying to get my hands on it and I found it at the unis weekly book shop... paperback sooo £2 says the man  ;D

(sorry :P)
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