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Started by Glenn, February 14, 2004, 06:01:26 PM

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A few years ago, a friend from Scotland sent me a booklet of 'What If Aircraft'. Inside, was this Black Me-262, (Luft '46 model) with a white gauntlet emblem along it's nose. Well, this gave me ideas, and the model enclosed is one I re painted in SPECTRE markings.
History: With Germany on the back foot, into 1944, a secret group financed the Nazi government and blackmailed other countries into helping Germany becoming 'The Master Race'! By 1946, the Luftwaffe again had control of the skies of Europe, forcing the USAAC and RAF to send their bombers with more fighters than they could possibly spare.
The most elite squadron in the New Luftwaffe was SPECTRE Squadron. These pilots were the most ruthless ever seen, taking no prisoners, and making sure none of their own aircrews were taken prisoner. Like the Flying Circus of the First World War, SPECTRE wanted to be feared, so they addapted the emblem of their leader, #1, the octopus with it's tentacles around the world.

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Looking good, Lyn !

But we're sending a vic of Vampire's from 'Baders Bus Service' to knock you down a few pegs !

Cheers !
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:wub: So lovely twin-boomer...  :wub:
Every other picture forthcoming would be VERY welcome. So nice... :)
Close to the Me 262Z and 462 of Salt6, Elmayerle, Zuijd99, Myr this make a wonderful collection...
Thanks a lot. :)  
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I really like that Glenn, the octopus emblem is way cool  :wub:  
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Good job Glenn!

Watch for Spit 22s in the sun!


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That represents the very best of the whole What If direction:  beautifully executed, believable, but not available in the "real" world.  I just love your ability to superimpose your models onto your background image.  You're the man using the simple clear "plinth" idea, right?


Now, could we have a little more background on the model(s) involved, please?

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Why, that's the Revell AG 1/72 FW Flitzer is it not?

Aerographics made a flying model Flitzer for Jetex rocket power, perhaps the first balsa What If kit?


     So you're the member from SPECTRE! That Me-262 was great, and yes, that was my Ar 555 over NY.
As to the model, it's 1/72nd Special Hobbies, FW 'Flitzer', and I think it's painted in the lightest of blue/grey I could find in the Luftwaffe range. The octopus on top has the tenticals forward, while on the undersides, it is under the body, with it's tenticals going back, under the wings and under the tailplanes.

The photo was taken on the sheet of Acrylic over a calendar of France from the air.

Hey Ollie, if you think he's flying alone, think again!

I painted about 4 aircraft in this scheme, until I tried something else, the last a 'Triebflugel', as Blofeld's personal aircraft.

The guy in scotland was Frank Meechan.


Well, 24 Spit 22s is waaayyy too much for those little Fws to handle!!

:wub:  :wub:  :wub:  


Glenn, Lee, help me understanding please... Was the picture a simple Flitzer ? Not a Me 262 turned into a Flitzer-like twin-boomer ? So many shapes have been published about Flitzers, nobody can recognize one for sure. Well, I am sorry if this twin-boom single fuselage Me262 was a misunderstanding, but I could try to draw this, I guess. Just What-if... :) Thanks anyway... :)  
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Quotea Me 262 turned into a Flitzer-like twin-boomer ?
this twin-boom single fuselage Me262 was a misunderstanding, but I could try to draw this, I guess. Just What-if... :)
... and here are the Focke-Wulf/Glenn Fw-262 (a Flitzer with pod from Me 262 parts) and the Messerschmitt/Lee Me-284 (a Me 262 with rear defensive post)...
Thanks again ! :)  
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Damm Tophe, that twin boom ME262 looks pretty sweet!! What role would you envisage for it??
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QuoteWhat role would you envisage for it??
You know I am not a military fan, especially for the Nazi side... :(  The role I would prefer is mannequin, displaying gorgeous lines  :wub: , but...
Well, I imagine this, as reader of aviation books : first, the Me 262 and Meteor were safe as so much faster than the others, then they faced each others, and needed protection with rear guns, as the others, so... Me 262+Ta184+ rear gun = Me-284, would that answer your question, dear ? :)  
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Great photo of your Flitzer, wish I could do inflight photos like that!
Here is a pic of a Flitzer I built a while back.


I'm thinking of doing a  set of articles on 'Model Photography', ground to air, air to ground and ground shots. This should cover the full aspect of setting up your models to 'look as real as possible'!
Is there any interest out there? I think there is, so where do I place it, 'Model Tips'?
I'm not quiet ready as yet, awaiting photos, but if there is interest, I'll set it up.