new guy here saying hi to everybody

Started by arthurgray, June 13, 2009, 08:47:21 AM

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This  is my frist time on this site, to start off back in 2002 someone asked me what a future concept of the f-18 hornet would look like if i created it, now 8 years later and after redesign after redesign, im begining the final design, plus 3 airforce versions, built 1 into a prototype also have photo's will put them up soon


look forward to seing your work Arthur, welcome to the ( very friendly) nut house.
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Welcome!  In progress pics are like gold around here. >hint hint<

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Hi there AG, looking forward to see what you're up to   :thumbsup:
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Welcome ! Now, enough talk....on to the photos !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Welcome aboard AG,

Look forward to seeing the pics.




Welcome aboard!

Well will definitely need to see some pics!
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Hello Arthur and welcome.  I'm not as much of a regular as I used to be, but I can attest to the friendliness of this forum.  You'll have fun here!   :cheers:
So I got that going for me...which is nice....

Ed S

Welcome.  Glad to have you join the party.  Just remember "spats, T-tails, and twiglets"

Ed   :party: :drink:
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Welcome to the madhouse, nobody's sane who works here, and anybody says they are? is lying.
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Yeah AG, you don't have to be mad, to be on this site, but it helps!


I would also like to say a big hello from whatiff's sister site, knittingforexmodellers.co.uk.
This site is specially dedicated to those who suffer from the aftermath of one of JHM's builds.
Cheers, and welcome to the underworld.
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This is a GREAT site with a bunch of very good folks.  Pictures of your creations are always welcome.

Wes W.

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Welcome aboard, Arthur! Whatever you do, never let on to your shrink/boss/significant other/spiritual advisor/bartender that you're a member here...

I look forward to seeing your work.
Brian da Basher


Welcome .......still waiting on pics ;D
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