Mirage 4000S Finished

Started by Aussie747, May 24, 2009, 03:19:24 AM

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This is the Anigrand M4000 kit with an Italeri Mirage 2000D front end. I finally managed to finish it, thanks to Nev for supplying the 'Super Mirage 'decals I botched when I had the problem with superglue in the cockpit. I still need to get a handle on weathering, thought the camera flash brings out the floors more.

Weapons from the Academy F-16 kit and Heller weapons set.


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Dunno, the weathering looks fine to me. As does the rest of the kit, well done!

Eddie M.

Great looking jet! :mellow: To me, the red is what sets it off.  :ph34r:
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That is a very nice model, I really like that :thumbsup:
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Excellent.  It's truly a shame the 4000 didn't see production.

Ian the Kiwi Herder

Mmmmmmm, M, M, M, Mirage  :wub:

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Confuscious (maybe)

Captain Canada

JDAM that looks nice ! Love everything about it....the bulky, powerful look of the beast. The twin cockpit....and the way you've modelled it with the 'pits open. The colours....the camo and the red spine really set 'er off, and the black radome with the flash on the tail gives her that retro look. I'm also digging the weapons load....just about perfect, eh ? And you can never go wrong with those super-sexy French fuel tanks !


:thumbsup: :cheers:
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Green Dragon

Very nice conversion Ray! Turned out great. :wub:

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Thanks Gents,

I am happy to have it finished, I spied another Anigrand M4000 in the LHS and may be tempted to do another. Though I have way too many other crazy ideas for Whifs so it will have to wait.

In work:
1/72 C-65J
1/72 P-7B
1/144 C-17T


Congrats for having the mad skillz (and testicular fortitude) to do what I could not and would not.  She looks great.  Wish I hadn't ballsed up mine quite so badly.... :(
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That's a beaut - I've always liked the idea of a two-seat Mirage 4000.  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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