What if Corsair and LA-7

Started by Sisko, May 19, 2009, 03:14:09 PM

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Here are my two of my latest projects, and yes they are Whif!!!! :party:

I have a many Sci-Fi projects lying around but these two deserved to be finished.

I have markings all picked out for the La-7 but I am not sure what to do the corsair in. Maybe something baltic?!?!?!

Any way pics below.

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I never realised what a big aircraft the Corsair was. I have never built one before.

Here it is compared with the LA-7.

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Eddie M.

Very nice! I'm lovin' the paint work!! :D
Look behind you!

Ian the Kiwi Herder

Always a pleasure to watch one of your paint-projects develop, sir...... will be watching this one closely.

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Confuscious (maybe)


Thanks Ian

Well I masked the La-7 tonight and applied the top coat.

I'll post pics tommorrow once the paint has dried.

This one will be being finished as a North Vietnamese bird. I am imagine it tangling with French bearcats oh my!!!!!

Still not sure about the Corsair..................may be Sweadish?!?!?!?
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It certainly gives it a "disruptive" look.

Seems like you must have dropped a bar of white chocolate and watched it shatter for inspiration!  :lol:

Are the various "chips" decals of the color (I did a whole model like that once) or stencils? Did you use tape to form the shapes, or cut out paper or something?
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The disruptive pattern was done using small pieces of cut up tamiya tape. I buy the super wide roll which is mainly used by the RC crowd to mask their car bodies for painting.

I just stick it down to a sheet of glass and use a very sharp knife to cut the shapes I want.

I refined the technique while I was masking and painting the Republic cruiser from Episode three.

I had a little broblem with the La-7 last night which requires some of the paint work to be sanded back and repainted. So no pics tonight. But I promise that this weekend will be an update.
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I must give that technique a try - it seems to give amazingly good results. :thumbsup: I especially like your La-7 - looking forward to seeing it finished :cheers:


Well the La-7 is finished but the Corsair had a few problems which ended up with it being binned.

I guess that I could have persisted with the corsair but these were meant to be fun builds, so stripping it and repainting would have been the complete opposite of fun.

So onto my next project.
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The La-7 looks fantastic, shame the Corsair didn't work out.
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La-7 with these inverted Tiger strips looks so mean and cool! ;)

I like it a lot!  :wub: Congrats!
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