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Started by John Howling Mouse, May 18, 2009, 09:52:03 AM

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John Howling Mouse

Wow, I walked around, opened a lot of boxes since the Big Move date, and found I have some 25 model kits in various stages of progress.  What are yours?

P-51 Mustang 1:144
Viggen, Egyptian 1:48
Viggen, Flying Tigers 1:48
DC-3  1:72
Ching Kuo, IDF 1:48
TF-51 Sentinel 1:48
Mossie Racer 1:48
Iron Maiden 757 1:144
SAR-1 Yellow 1:72
SAR-1 Cdn Coast Guard 1:72
Nev-1 Jet Tanker 1:72
Creamsicle Nieuport 1:48
Korean Tank 1:35
F-7Z TigerCat 1:48
Stuka sport-plane 1:72
WUH: Kamov "Haggard" 1:32
WUH's little brother helo 1:32
Meteor Top Secret 1:48
A-5 Menaz, Pristine 1:48
Douglas F-9F Skyhawk 1:48
Grumman A-4 Panther 1:48
Audaz (Fearless) 1:48
PF-47 SeaBolt Floatplane 1:48
F-4 Phantom 1:48
CB-27 Espectro (F-106) 1:48 (with a fantastic back-story by Rafa!)

Styrene in my blood and an impressive void in my cranium.


1/35th Danish Fast Attack Boat Diorama
1/72nd U-Boat Diorama
1/48th FW-190 Reno Air Racer
1/35th Panther II
1/35th Zundapp with sidecar
1/24th Nemo's Car
1/144th Ekranoplan
1/96 Sultana Sloop
1/48th Hungarian MI-24 in eagle camo
1/350 Danish Research Carrier


1/72 lifeboat 2012
1/72 uk spad
1/72 sarupv 2012
1/48 tsr2  2000
1/48 tsr2 cod
1/72 royal navy global hawk
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Captain Canada

I get a headache just thinking about them all.....

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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Ed S

WOW 25 WIP's.  I'm impressed JHM.  Although, I'm trying to catch up.  My current WIP list (all 1/72)

AV-3 (Hokum/OV-10 hybrid) for the "Beating the Air into Submission" GB
F-14A   RW USN
P-51 Twin jet conversion.  this one got moved to the back burner while I did all the group builds this spring.
F-32  WHIFFing a Boeing X-32 into an operational fighter.
FW-190D Zwilling.  Just started this one for the club WWII '46 contest next spring.
B-49B  Another one for the club WWII "46 contest.

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Ye gods, does this include WIPs that have been 'IP' for tens of years?  :o
Kit's Rule 1 ) Any aircraft can be improved by fitting longer wings, and/or a longer fuselage
Kit's Rule 2) The backstory can always be changed to suit the model

...and I'm not a closeted 'Take That' fan, I'm a REAL fan! :)



well lets see

beriev A50
Harrier gr1
Sukhoi su 25
Sukhoi su27
Yak 32
Fairey Gannet
Mig 29
MI 8 x2
Breguot 14
DH 8
IS 2
bristol belvadere

etc, about 15 other kits

all in 1/72 for my Empires Twighlight or the new Papal States thread
Everything looks better with the addition of British Roundels!

the Empires Twilight facebook page


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Tigershark F.3 (RAF)
Tempest GR.1 (RAF)
Hunter GA.14 (RAF)
Voodoo S.2 (RAF)
Flying Boat (Med pirates)
Mosquito Sand Fly (RAF)
Phinnish Phantom
Hawker Tempest V (USAAF)
Xiphos Gundam

All these are in 1:72, naturally.

Also have a Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic fleet underway, and various other bits and pieces. And I am in the (very early) planning stages for my Hawker Vindicator....
Some of my models can be found on my Flickr album >>>HERE<<<



VC-10 AEW-5
Trident K1
B-58 Hustler


TSR-2 Gryphon
Sabre T-7 RAF
Sabre NF-11 RAF
QTF4-D Skyray

Luft 46
Henschel Hs132 North Africa
Gotha Go-229
FW Triebflugel
Me 1101 Mistell
Me 328 (with mission marks)



F3D-2M Skynight
Itford No.31 BROKKER


Hunter FGA-9
TF-104C Starfighter

Plus lots that are still in my head.

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i to have a few things going at the moment

-1/72 revell UH-72B (EC-145, Flemish Army, helicopter GB, dont think i'll be ready in time)
-1/144 trumpeter F-86F-30 Sabre
-1/144 kitbash "secret bomber"
-1/144 revell Fletcher-class destroyer
-1/144 Aircraft carrier "Dendermonde" (airwing under construction)
-1/144 scratchbuild frigate and mine sweeper ships
-1/144 Trumpeter F-117J (been on hold for some time)
-1/72 Revell Messerschitt Bf.109 (Bordurian Luftwaffe, was an airfix kit, but traded it in for a revell one, more detail)

still to be constructed after these are done

-1/72 Tracker Floatplane
-1/144 Sea Harrier FA.3 (AV-8B+)
-1/144 F-22A (from YF-22, possibly Saudi Arabian)
-1/72 P-51A (possibly a German from Iron Eagle 3, good entry for the possible alt. luftwaffe GB)
-1/72 SU-22 (Argentine Navy, been on hold since the Falklands GB  :o)
-1/144 Jaguar Gr.1 (possibly Morrocan Air Force)
-1/72 F-4E Phantom (Belgian Air Force, 31 Tiger Squadron)
-1/72 Gnat (from the movie "Hot Shots")

-1/144 F-104G and TF-104G (Belgian Air Force)
-1/72 T-6G Texan (Belgian Air Force)
-1/72 Seaking Mk.48 (Belgian Defence, DACO decals & revell kit)
-1/72 F-16BM Fighting Falcon (Belgian Air Force, 20 years OCU)
-1/72 TF-104G (Belgian Air Force)
-1/72 Mirage 5BR (Belgian Air Force, in bare metal delivery colors)

Luft46 (all 1/72):
-Focke Wulf FW-226 Flitzer
-Horton Ho-229 (2-seater)
-Lippish P-13A
on the bench:

-all kinds of things.


Quote from: Captain Canada on May 18, 2009, 10:41:16 AM
I get a headache just thinking about them all.....

Too true!  :thumbsup: Too true!

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?

Brian da Basher

My list is empty. I start a project and finish it, regardless how much cussing and PSR and pure spite it takes. This is because I have no actual bench, but a little box upended on a stool for a work area in my tiny cottage. I imagine those with an "In Progress" pile must be in a higher tax bracket.
Brian da Basher


(all in 1/72)

RAF Lancer B.1
Double Delta Mig-23 (wasn't able to finish for Sovietized Group Build)
Super Strike Gripen
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I suspect that my in-progress list isn't much different from the last time we had this discussion (a year ago?)  :blink:

Daryl J.

Meteor F.3 UAV   Tamiya 1/48
Porco Rosso S.21  Fine Molds 1/48
Steampunk dirigible based on R-100 model
SPAD XIII  metal wings/computer displays Hobbycraft 1/32
Sopwith Camel  a timeless machine affected deeply by time...new tool HC 1/32
F7U-3M  HC 1/48
F7U-x Lindberg 1/48
XF-88 Voodoo 1/48
1/35 whisky still

Tamiya Zero 32 1/48
Hasegawa Jill 1/48
Heinkle 219 1/48
Phantom in a graveyard...AMARC   1/48, 1/72

There's more but they are not coming to mind as they are all at home...200 miles west of here.