Cheranovsky BICh-110 from the "Sovietise It" GB

Started by McGreig, May 13, 2009, 01:06:58 PM

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This is the Cheranovsky BICh-110 flying wing jet fighter from the "Sovietise It " GB.

In its previous incarnation it was allegedly a Sea Vixen (if anyone wants to build a Sea Vixen from the Eastern Express kit, my advice would be "Don't Do It!!!"). It is loosely based on real Cheranovsky projects, one of which is shown in the first picture below. The build thread is at http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,23082.0.html

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BOZHE MOI! Now we need a two syllable 'F' name.  :thumbsup: :cheers:
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Maybe three syllables, they could just call it "Fantastic"

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Brilliant and such a nice change to see Soviet stuff in camo  :wub:
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