WE.177 Nuclear Bomb

Started by Hobbes, June 27, 2005, 01:38:31 PM

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Og, and can anybody find me a pic of a Sea Harrier with WE177?
WE177 here, but no Harrier carrying it.
Google doesn't turn up much in the way of photos of this beast.  

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Quote from: P1127 on June 27, 2005, 09:21:48 AMOg, and can anybody find me a pic of a Sea Harrier with WE177?

I found an image on Brian Burnell's Guide to British Nuclear Weapon Projects page (Thank you Brian!)

Here is a link to the image and here is the image:

The other image was found during a search on-line and thought it might be worth sharing since it is an application or should I say an adaption of armor piercing bomb technology to a nuclear weapon physics package that is designed to attack underground facilities.
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Hi chaps

glad to hear you like the website at http://nuclear-weapons.info, but the photo above ain't a Sea Harrier as requested, its the RAF ground-attack version, - GR4 I believe. Sea Harrier pics loaded with WE.177A are here at
http://nuclear-weapons.info/images/032-Sea-Harrier-release.png and



Thought I'd share a few pics I've taken in recent years:

WE.177 at the Yorkshire Air Museum, flanked by a standard 1000lb bomb & TV Martel.

A-3 Polaris Warhead from RAF Holmpton

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They have a stripped apart Chevaline Polaris at Cosford, complete with drill warheads in the nose cone.

And yesterday I was standing right next to a WE117C on the 'flight deck' at the FAA Museum Yeovilton. It didn't say it was a drill round anywhere that I could see.............  :o
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If its anythink like the two 25pdr shells that use to prop open the doors at the Sgt's mess at Middle Wallop it'll still be live  ;D
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I did a search, including that great UK nuke site, but I cant find a pic of a Jaguar carrying a WE.177 (though the UK nuke site has a pic of one releasing one).  Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a pic showing the nuke mounted on a Jag?

TIA! :cheers:
So I got that going for me...which is nice....


If one was available than i suspect Brian would have it on his site. Going off the Jag dropping the weapon it appears to have a centreline tank implying the weapon is carried on a wing pylon, probably the inner one.

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