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1/72 Torpedo

Started by PanzerWulff, May 09, 2009, 07:06:26 AM

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Does anyone have a spare 1/72 arial torpedo any WWII torpedo would do,or as an alternitive know of any aftermarket torpedos.Thanks for your help in advance
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Don't know if this will help much PanzerWulf, I was needing a couple WWII torpedoes and couldn't find anything but little modern ones in the scrap boxes so I ended up reshaping some old Airfix Hunter drop tanks. Not great but they'll do for my kit bash.

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American ones were fat and short (and, up until 1943, almost totally useless!). Italian and British ones were long and skinny, with the Italian types having a complex series of fins. German and Japanese ones are the most "aesthetic" in my opinion, with the nod going to the Japanese type as being MUCH more efficient.
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I have a couple off an old kit , think they are german or Italian.

If you want them drop me a pm

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Alternatively, I have the slightly later than WW2 torpedo from the Tumpeter Wyvern if you are interested.
Pm me if you are interested.

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Sorry, I sent 3 torps to Captain Canada last year and I think he used them all.

Know I have one in my Swordfish kit but will be using it (if I can find a decent pic of the wooden tail used on the Taranto raid).
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Most strange, I thought I left a post on here showing these:
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The Revell (ex-Matchbox) Swordfish comes with a torp, if that's any use. Nice little kit, and cheap. :)

Actually, looking at the kit torp (I'm using mine, sorry!), it would be rather easy to scratch one from a bit of tubing (pen barrel maybe?), and the tail from a bomb.
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what I'm really looking for is a Japanese type but as I said I'll make do with what I can find.If I could find a 1/72 "Kate" that would be perfect (Esp as thats the only Japanese torpedo bomber I actually remember) Wasn't there a 1/72 Serian out there with a torpedo???
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Jeffry Fontaine

Perhaps the attached images will be of some use to you.
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the reason I was asking is because I have a mold for aircraft torpedoes of a few different sorts, and I do have some resin casting to do soon (scratching up a X-7) looks they could be easily modified to fit the japanese bill.

You can see them on page two here:,18193.15.html


Greg I would Love a couple to play around with.I also lucked out and snapped up a Fujimi "Jill" on Ebay for 14 dollars inc shipping,Still Thanks guys for all the help I really think you guys are going to like the build :thumbsup:
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