Hawker beastie

Started by The Wooksta!, February 06, 2004, 06:29:29 PM

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The Wooksta!



Did you mean the Blackburn thingy for an F-4?

Have got the dimensions and a name for this beastie BTW ?


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oooooooooh that IS nice...

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That is an interesting bird there indeed.  If you decide to make copies, I'll definitely want to purchase one.  Even without the vstol aspect it'd be attractive.
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Hawker SP.110/1 dimensional data
(it was only a preliminary design concept possibly related to the 'proper' P.1149?)

Drg. date: 28/03/65
Span: 31-47 ft.
Wing Area; 390 Sq. ft.
Length o/a; 53 ft.
Le. sweep; 17-62 deg.

hope this helps...any more info required let me know, cheers, joe

ps. iv put up some more Hawker drawings (inc. the 1149) onto the TSR.2 research site which might be of some modelling interest?)
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Cheers Lee

Its not actually that big, in fact nearer to Mig-23 size, which couldprovidethe basis
for it.


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