In-progress pics of He 111 and ground vehicles

Started by matrixone, May 01, 2009, 05:01:49 PM

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Here are a few in-progress pics of my 1/144 scale He 111 and 1/48 scale Schwimmwagon and Steyr 1500A.

The He 111 was painted in RLM 70 and RLM 71 colors with Xtracolor enamel paints, this is the first time I have used this brand of paint and I found them very easy to use and they give a very good finish that is so glossy there would be no need to add a clear gloss coat before adding decals. I have to paint the undersurfaces before adding the decals, the RLM 76 ''scribble'' camouflage pattern will be painted on after the decals are added. Since I have no markings for a very late war He 111 I will have to go through my spare decals and come up with something making this a (just barely)what-if aircraft. ;D

Here is the canvas top of the Steyr 1500A, I am finished painting it. The weathering to it was all done with my Iwata HP-B Plus airbrush, no oils or pastels used. After all those hours of practice painting with my airbrush I now have something to show for it (about fricken' time!).

This weekend I should have most of the Steyr 1500A and Schwimmwagon built and ready for painting, as you can see in the pics I already have started painting the wheels on them.



More in-progress pics...

This weekend these models should be finished (I hope!).



Hi Matrix
The 1:35 military stuff looks great and the 1:72 `111 has an excellent finish.  ;D
Cheers  :drink:

(Can`t believe thats 144 and going for a lie down)
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Quote from: HOG on May 22, 2009, 01:15:21 AM
(Can`t believe thats 144 and going for a lie down)

My thoughts exactly - stunning  :bow:
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Thanks Gary and NARSES2!

Painting the camouflage pattern on the He 111 was not too hard to do but painting the canopy frames will be a challange because its not easy painting things you can barely see. :o

BTW, they might not look like it but these models ARE what-ifs, the markings and camouflage patterns are changed and not of any specific unit, the Schwimmwagen has real world markings but the camouflage pattern has been changed to match a vehicle I had seen on a television program about the end of the war in Europe.

I plan to have these models finished this weekend and my next model project after that will be painting a new backdrop for using in my airfield pictures.



The last in-progress of the ground vehicles:

I am so close to getting the Steyr and Schwimmwagen finished that I will go ahead and finish them up and then turn my full attention to the He 111. After the He 111 is out of the way my work area will be cleaned up and prepared for painting a new backdrop for my photobase (this will be big job!).


Brian da Basher

You always show me how it should be done, Matrixone! I really like the desert camo on those vehicles and your paintwork on the 1/144 He-111 is unbelievable! The squiggle pattern is a very nice fit indeed and the exhaust streaks are very realistic which is quite a feat in such a small scale!
:bow: :bow:
Brian da Basher


I am glad you have seen the He 111, thats the very same kit you had sent me quite a while ago. I told you I was going to get around to building it! ;D
Thanks for the nice comments on the models.
The Tamiya kits are finished now, I have to wait for a day off work to get pictures of them. The Heinkel might be finished this next weekend, up until now the kit has been a breeze to build but the real challange will come when I try to paint the canopy framework.