Whatis the smallest scale you have made a what if aircraft

Started by lenny100, April 30, 2009, 11:53:24 AM

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I have just started a 1/700 scale aircraft what if for a project i am working on
sorry no photos tet as it made of clear plastic and does not photo well yet!

what is the smallest scale you have built?
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That would be scratchbuilding an aircraft for the 1/1200 Revell Bismarck. Sorry, even the Bismarck model is too small to photograph. Did it to try out some new tools/magnifying glasses for modeling.it was a bit out of scale >:(


The smallest scale that can be used is 1/10 to the Nth power.
This is used to model dioramas of Angels dancing on the head of a pin!

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I made some conversions/whifs from 1/100 and 1/144-scale aircraft, and 1/2000 ships. **WHEN**, not if, I make my 1/700 angled-deck WWII Bon Homme Richard, it will have some Douglas Decimator aircraft on it
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1/200 is the smallest I've got (pair of DML B-2s), my fingers & steady hands cant work with anything smaller.

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I've made in 1:144th scale a King-Raptor YF-23, AST-21 Tomcat, and Israeli F-16XL

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I've got a 1:144th Mustang but it's just barely a What If...

I built a sci-fi drone that would work out to be about 1:1000 but it is about 8 inches long so not really a challenge, miniature-wise.
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A 1:250 monogram B-52

Which i converted into dale browns "old dog" with help from some bits in the bits box...



smallest to date, 1/72.  I have a Tu-22 in 1/144 I'm going to do some whif markings on.  Eventually, I might do some whiffed 1/700 - I have plans to modify some choppers for work.
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Well, I did some stuff for #1 son's aircraft carrier, but don't recall the scale. Probably this one would be the smallest scale whiffer, 1/300th:

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I love that B-70!

The smallest ones I've made are 1/350 or 1/400 scratchbuilds. Like my Bell D2064


This one is 1/350

Not sure what scale my Sea GeeBee is but it's small :)

My batch of space fighters that are still in progress.

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I did some GHQ Miniatures 1/700 armour for a friend once. No modifications, just paint. In that scale, it's enough. Also did some 1/1200 GHQ ships for a game of Harpoon. I think I still have the British Sovremmeny I did.

'Course the absolute smallest scale I have ever worked with are the 1/15000 Zentraedi battleships. That's small!

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Got a 1/288th An-72 which is going to be a miniature of the 1/72nd scale gunship I have planned. None of this actually exists yet though, and you shouldn't hold your breath.....
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Blackops, you gotta get back to that Space project.  Tres cool.
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