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Started by philp, April 27, 2009, 08:59:35 PM

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My LHS had the new boxing in stock (they only had 2 different Airfix kits in the store) and the box art shows it in the low vis camo used during Desert Storm.  I have the Italeri boxing and have planned this version for a while but hard to gather some data. 

Does the Airfix kit come with decals for this version and do they recommend the camo stripes in just black or black and green?

Is it a reboxing of the Italeri or Matchbox or Airfix's own? Basically, is it any good?

Does it come with the Miniguns?

And does anyone have pics from DS showing the miniguns mounted?
Phil Peterson

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Nigel Bunker

The new Airfix kit is the Italeri kit reboxed. To make an accurate RAF version the rotor blades need replacing (Model Alliance do replacements) or reworking.

Airfix kits always come with the camouflage scheme shown on the box, which was sand overall with black stripes over the sand.

As for miniguns, I am afraid I don't know.
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Thanks guys.

787, that is the only Chinook kit I have seen with the guns and it has the chutes for the spent casings that I have seen in pics of the Brit ones.  Was hoping to avoid buying another Chinook but that does look close the the bird that flew by my house yesterday (not sure if it had the extra sensors).

Also heard that the DS versions had GPMGs mounted on the rear door.  Anyone do a good version of this in 72nd?
I had contemplated doing a SAS rover being carried inside but have not been able to confirm that they lugged any this way into Iraq or Kuwait.
Phil Peterson

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Aeroclub do white metal GPMGs in 1:72. Very nice they are too.
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Mike Wren

as far as I know GPMGs aren't used in Chinooks, they (for some reason) use a US M60 on the rear ramp and Miniguns in the side doors. Don't think Chinooks carried Land Rovers in the Gulf either, just troops I think. Hercs tend to carry the vehicles.


World Air Power Journal 38 is an excellent reference for Chinook info, BTW


Dang it Mike, M-60's? Can someone confirm this for Desert Storm birds?

So, I really will need to pick up that other kit.

Lets recap:
Buy other kit for guns
Rework rotors (any good pics) or purchase replacements
Figure out how to do the camo - been thinking either using a marker or small paint brush (leaning more towards the marker)

I have the Bid Ed PE set from Eduard for the later version (was a review) but would like to swap the cockpit set for a set better suited to the HC.1.  Probably could just replace the instrument panels and be good.

Thanks for all the help guys.  Now if I could just find some pics of these actually in the desert with the guns fitted.  Only pics I have seen were from when they returned home and had the codes added back on.
Phil Peterson

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Mike Wren

right, WAPJ 38 says "other additions to the special forces Chinooks were 7.62mm M134 Miniguns & M60Ds"

there is one photo of ZA720 in theatre (not post war), with sand filters and the Minigun ammo chute & mounting is visible, can't make out if the Minigun is mounted though but I guess it is. My scanner is chuffed at the mo, but could take a photo of the pic if you like? Haven't got a pic of a Gulf rear M60 though. The special forces aircraft also had extra Satcoms aerials.

not sure about the rotors, try asking over at www.scale-rotors.com

as for the paint scheme, be brave and use a paintbrush, just lots of criss-crossing and squiggly bits shouldn't be difficult, just time consuming & mind numbing!


If it's 1/72 you're doing, Whirlybirds do a set of replacement rotor blades, set number WBA72034

Airwaves GPMG

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Is there a problem with the OOB rotor blades for the Airfix/Italeri Chinook then? Or do the RAF ones have a different shape?
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Quote from: Nigel Bunker on April 28, 2009, 01:02:10 AM
The new Airfix kit is the Italeri kit reboxed. To make an accurate RAF version the rotor blades need replacing (Model Alliance do replacements) or reworking.

Actually, the current Aifix boxing of the Italeri kit has the amended profile blades that first appeared half way through the run of the Revell MH-47E kit:

The original blades which werewrong, having the shape of the original metal blades, but the section of the composite ones. The kit does have markings for the subject on the box top, and the stripes are just black
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I actually have markings for one of the striped versions but it said the code letters (EA, etc) were not carried during the conflict, only added after the birds came home.  The only pics I have seen were from displays after the war.

I might have to pick up both the Airfix release and the MH-47 kit.  This project is getting more and more expensive.  Course, I would end up with 3 Chinooks.  Maybe I could Whiff one of them.
Phil Peterson

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Mike Wren

Quote from: philp on April 29, 2009, 05:49:59 PM
Maybe I could Whiff one of them.

Israeli, US Marines, West German, French, Swedish...  ;D


Took this down at the Army Guard base the other day.  There have been 2 of these hanging out recently.  Not sure if they have been added to the inventory along with the Apaches and Blackhawks or are just visiting.

My, what a big probe you have.
Phil Peterson

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