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Started by sideshowbob9, April 19, 2009, 02:22:56 PM

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Hi all. Recently got a Kawanishi E15K for the floaty bits to go on my Floating Fulmar scout floatplane and now I have no idea what to do with it.

I have a few scenarios it could fit into but I thought I'd pick some more brains here first.

Scenario 1 is the IJN take a stroll into the Med. to help out their allies in the Regia Marina oust the RN once and for all. The E15K could be a scout aboard one of the IJN's light carriers (equivalent to an SBD).

Scenario 2 takes place in winter '45. The VVS is taking the fight to Japan's north shores as part of a larger Allied invasion and the land-based E15K (in suitable winter attire) is returning the gesture.

In Scenario 3 our plucky Kawanishi is captured just off the shores of Burma and pressed into RAF SEAC service.

Which scenario would you choose and what camo would you put her in. Or do you have an entirely different scenario?

Thanks for your time.


Built under license in Germany and sold to the Finns?

The Rat

2 and 3 are the more likely scenarios, so it comes down to the backstory. 3 would probably be the easier write-up.
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Hmmmm...... like the Finnish idea.

Leaning toward Scenario 2 as fodder for my Sabre-engined VVS Lavochkin La-5FN (fitting that engine to that plane was a doozy - forward thinking is not my strong suit!). Thinking white over grey with black cowling, tail and two black ID bands under each hinomaru.


Quote from: The Rat on April 19, 2009, 05:50:42 PM
2 and 3 are the more likely scenarios, so it comes down to the backstory. 3 would probably be the easier write-up.

Decide which one would look the coolest first.  As Radish (like all good dictators) knows, history can be altered later to suit the desired outcome ;)
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Well the coolest scheme would be the SEAC one but for some reason, I want this to be IJN  :blink: just with an "out there" backstory and camo.

Now I'm thinking: Japan invades Egypt's Red Sea coast '42ish so this baby would have some kind of desert/brown water camo.

Any thoughts?


Well the IJN operated in the Indian Ocean how about operations around the Straits of Hormus/ Persian Gulf (50 years early)? Perhaps a Pearl Harbour type attack on the RN in Aden or East Africa?


You've got Royal Navy bases at Aden, Trincomalee, Mombasa, and Addu Atoll that could potentially be attacked.
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^ As soon as Aden was mentioned (I think we have a winner for the E15K), I thought of Trincomalee. The IJN is gonna have to take it out of the equation before moving on to Aden & the Red Sea. Definate food for thought.

Thanks guys  :cheers: