F-101D/J-79s WIP

Started by Orne M, March 29, 2009, 06:00:23 AM

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Orne M

Found a picture of this while Googling for something else, an F-101 testbed for the F-4's J-79 installation, and also tallied with a description elsewhere of a D and E versions of the 101 with J-79s.  The modifications: 1/72 scale J-79 afterburner cans from a Monogram F-4 mated to shortened afterburner cans from Matchbox F-101H.  The aft-section of a Hasegawa RF-101 was filed down to make a better fit for the Matchbox cans (and rigging an arrestor-hook between them) and decided to move the stabalizer off the fin and onto the rear boom; the tail pod is from an AMT SU-27 with tailfeather mounts.  Partly because I lost the Voodoo canopy, and wanted to make the front office a little sleeker/modernized, everything from the rear canopy hump forward was replaced with the SU-27 nose-section.  The tailfin was fitted together with some CA/filler/plastic to seal the gap of the missing stab.

Captain Canada

Great idea.....can't wait to see more ! How many of us have dreamt of moving the stabs down like that ? Glad somebody is actually doing it !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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^ Seconded. Can't wait to see where this one goes.

Eddie M.

Good looking start! I'm very interested in your further progress. ;D
Look behind you!


Great "nose job"! :thumbsup: :wacko: This is gonna look cool!  :cheers:

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?

Ed S

Great idea and it's so much sleeker looking with the new nose.

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