Spectrum is...... expensive...

Started by Weaver, March 21, 2009, 05:23:39 AM

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Can't remember how many of these I bought, built (badly) and trashed back in the day:


About time Airfix re-popped this one, maybe?
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Crikey!! :o
I remember those things in my local newsagents when I was a kid, never bought any though,
That winning bid is proper taking the mickey don't you think??
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Wow. :blink: I wonder if the winner actually going to build it, or is a "collector"...

And if Airfix still have the moulds, it'd be worth doing a small run to see how they sell.
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Oh deary me yes!
I remember doing a very early, what would now be called a WHIF, of one of these.
Tailplane and wing tips straightened out, a real undercarriage, and something done to the nose area.
Grey/Green over light aircraft grey, and..............................

Free Scottish Air Force roundels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and it was called the "Dirk" (a Scottish dagger).

No idea what happened to the model, it was that long ago
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Quote from: chrisonord on March 21, 2009, 06:25:01 AM
Crikey!! :o
I remember those things in my local newsagents when I was a kid, never bought any though,
That winning bid is proper taking the mickey don't you think??

Fraid not, combined with the popularity of the show & that most kits would have been built then trashed by little brother or just not survived multiple house moves, these old kits have become hightly collectable.  Especially one that's pretty much in it's original condition.  It's probably one of the most desirable Airfix kits, if you find one in the loft, chuck it on ebay quick!
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Fifty nine pounds? FIFTY NINE POUNDS? For an Angel Interceptor??

Strewth, what is the world coming to? I've just been beaten on an eBay auction for a Revell (ex-Frog) Shackleton MR3 that went for over Forty One pounds too! The darn thing's only been off the lists for about a year, it's getting crazy!
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makes even more sense to re-issue them when you consider the new Captain Scarlett CGI TV series exists - even if the machines all look a fair bit different, the name is back in the public(ish) eye.
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Totally agree that airfix should re-relaese this little gem. I'd buy a fair few if them this time round!
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I have that exact same boxing in my stash plus another later one almost completed. Lot of work to get them built but they look the part in the end.




One of the later reboxings had one of my builds on the lid. Oh Happy Days ;D

From my portfolio

I think the other ship is also somthing Gerry A. Remember all the decals for that from Letraset. The Spectrum markings were made up DPT and if you look at the boxtop you can just see where the black Letraset panel infront of the canopy lifted under the studio lighting. And to think I used to get paid for doing this  ;D
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pps have just noticed pilot has googles!
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