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Started by NARSES2, March 18, 2009, 02:21:41 AM

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Maj I.N.Kozhedub was the allies leading ace from WWII. In 1949 he was chosen to lead the flypast over Red Square for the May Day parade in the then brand new Mig 15 fighter. For this occasion he had is aircraft painted up in the same colours as his final Lagg-7 from back in 1945, including his final tally of kill markings.

Model is Hobbyboss, paints are mainly White Ensign, markings are from the Eduard double boxing of the La 7

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Wondered what you were going to do with that MiG-15 you were searching for at Telford!  Nice retro markings Chris, great stuff!
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that looks really sweet, a nice piece of work for sure, itd also look nice on the whatif table beside sandy's (tojo633) Yak 15 in a similar scheme and markings, hmm, theres definately something different about a WW.2 1950 theme  :wacko:

cheers, joe
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You just can't go wrong with a MiG-15, your choice in paint schemes suits it well :thumbsup:
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Very nice! The colour scheme really gives the Mig a different look. :thumbsup:
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Very sweet little bird. YOu know I can't find thise Hobby boss MiG15's for love nor money. They all seem to have been snapped up in job lots!!
I guess I'll keep on searching
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