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Snark Yak-25Z

Started by John Howling Mouse, March 15, 2009, 11:37:08 AM

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John Howling Mouse

For a long time, I've wanted to build a Yak-25 "Flashlight" in 1:48 but I don't think they're are any kits of it (maybe Collect-Aire's resin kit if I ever win the lottery).  Something about that bulbous nose and the overall "we don't care what it looks like" airframe.  Looks like it would be next to impossible to land with that honkin' nose in front of the cockpit.  Love the overly long engine nacelles and wings that look like they were borrowed from something else entirely. 


Problem was, I didn't know what to use as a base kit for the modifications.  I don't need or want it to be an accurate Yak-25, just something along those basic lines.  New, yet similar.
This a.m., it suddenly hit me.  I had Yefim Gordon's fantastic Yak-25 book on the night table and the 1:48 Lindberg Snark missile kit on a nearby dresser.  Now that J.Lloyd International has kindly resurrected the good ol' Lindberg line, Snark kits are back and cheap.  The light went on and I'll be cuttin' and bashin' before good sense gets the chance to come into play.  I've got an idea for how to modify the sharper Snark nose into the more bulbous shape of the older Yak-25.

(See other "SNARK Fighter-Bomber" thread for what I'm going to do to another Snark kit)

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Daryl J.

The Snark is a great base from whence to build isn't it.   

We look forward to these!

Daryl J.


This is going to be very interesting  :thumbsup:  I'll be watching this one to see how it comes together Barry.
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HA  ;D bunch of characters. Smart thinking! I think i will "borrow" (I.E. steal) that idea  :bow:
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I don't know about that big-nosed thingamabob, but the Firebar is darn sexy.  I'm wondering if you've already seen Phil "Bondo" Brandt's firebar scratchbuild?  http://hsfeatures.com/features04/yak28ppb_1.htm

Brian da Basher

Pretty "snarky" post, Mr Howling Mouse. I can't wait to see how this comes together.
Brian da Basher