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Orne M

This got started after reading about the TFX designs over on Alternate History, and subsequent postings on Secret Projects of NACA drawings for a VG TFX design that was based on the NAA A-5A.  Thought about doing this in 1/48 scale, but stopped myself from cutting up an expensive Trumpeter kit for the lower fuselage.  So, the project was scaled down to 1/72, using an Ace Vigilante, Monogram EF-111A, and the upper cockpit from a Matchbox F-101H.  The 111 upper engine bay was split in the middle and angled outward to match the Vigi engine-box; much dicing of plastic later, fitted the 111 wings (and they still operate, a bonus after this much surgery) inside the mated upper and lower fuselages.  As was pointed out, the Vigi intakes were too small for TF-30s, so I scratchbuilt new intake-boxes, and faired everything down from the kit-halves forward.  Haven't sorted out the tailfins yet, but basing the design on the original Vigi mockup twin-fins; using the Vigi stabs.  The Vigi windscreen already cut down to fit a modified F-14 canopy.

At this point, have already painted the wings, next fitting out the cockpit.....


Wow . . . I mean, Wow *jaw hits floor*

Shas 8)
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Quote from: Shasper on March 15, 2009, 05:10:54 AM
Wow . . . I mean, Wow *jaw hits floor*

Shas 8)

Double deuce!! Go looking work!
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Definately watching this one! Looks great so far!


That is a great looking bash :wub: :thumbsup:
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Sleek.  Looking very good so far. :thumbsup: