Lippisch P.12 Entwurf IV

Started by MarkH262, March 11, 2009, 11:38:58 PM

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I just finished my build of this 1/72 Sharkit. Here's the URL link to my Photobucket album. Tell me what you think?

Here's a few pictures attached.


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Very nice build!  Love the intake on this version of the P.12, it reminds me of some kind of puppet or cartoon alien, can't think where from!
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Simple, clean, nice finish.   Yep, this is a winner.


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Great build ...of a cool looking jet  :ph34r: :tornado: :thumbsup:
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Great work Mark - couldn't reply over on GPL as it now feeds to my gmail a/c and yahoo doesn't like replies via another email address. Pics added to my collection


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A very fine looking model, especially in red. ;D  ;D
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Better than CdeB`s Lady in red  :thumbsup:
Cheerz  :drink:
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Makes me think of spaceman spiff from Calvin and Hobbes for some reason - might have to get one and make a retro toon space fighter version
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Thanks everyone for the comments.

"Spaceman Spiff..." That brings back fond memories of Calvin and Hobbs indeed!



Cool - straight out of The Jetsons look too!


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