Super Sea Harrier

Started by Geoff_B, January 31, 2004, 02:27:52 PM

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What Colour scheme to use ?

1970s FAA Fighter scheme as per original Sea Harriers
6 (30%)
1970s FAA Strike scheme as per Buccaneers
3 (15%)
1980's Falklands War combat scheme
6 (30%)
1980's Post Falklands with tonned down markings
1 (5%)
1990's Lighter Fighter scheme.
4 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 16



I've just assembled an AV-16 which was an early Harrier II proposal for a Harrier with larger wing & engine fitted with a Sea Harrier nose and developed in the early 70's. If this variant had been built instead of the actual Sea Harriers then they would probably still be flying past 2006 and their more powerful engine and heavier load would have made the Falklands CAP patrols a little more interesting. Trouble is i'm at point ready for priming and need to decide on the scheme as it will dictate the colour of primer to use and the Weapon load to be selected.


Thor ?


A Falklands combat scheme needn't be 100% like those in the history books.

Captain Canada

Falklands with Dagger kill markings !

Oh yeah !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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When in doubt, go old skool!  

Gloss Grey/white, 3 colour roundels, bright squadron markings  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  
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i'll throw my hat in the ring and be damned...i rather like the idea of a late service plane, lo vis, gulf II nose art, and kinda dirty...not "tomcat dirty" (soot and grime to grey ratio of 16:1) but a little mucky around the edges...

can't wait to see it thor - you really ARE the man (i'm still in awe of the FDIII and cyclone).

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Cheers Ben

Joe says we might see some of the FDIII's by next week if he's able to get some casting done.

BTW Nigel has done an AV-16 in US Navy service (I think its finished), as to doing a later variant i've already started spraying it in the Original Sea Harrier colours, but to do a late version i would probably fit 100% Lerx, the four pylons,the extended front nozzels and a Blue Vixen radome, then arm it with AMRAAM & ASRAAM.

However the conversion is very simple by crossing the naff Italeri Harrier GR-7 & a Matchbox Sea Harrier !!!!, the Italeri cockpit can fit in the matchbox nose and the the Italeri Kit still has the double aux intake doors from the AV-8B prototype as the GR-7 kit is based upon it still !!!.  To do a more modern version then i would match an Airfix GR-7 with an Italer  i Sea Harrier i think.


Thor  B)