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Started by JayBee, March 07, 2009, 01:31:37 PM

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In the early 1950's, the R.A.F. realising the need for a tactical transport with significantly greater carrying capacity than the Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, but less than the Blackburn Beverly, started to look around at what was obtainable "off the shelf".
After examining what was available, the Fairchild C-123 Provider was selected, and an order for an initial batch of twelve was placed.
These were known as the Provider C1, and were used for service suitability trials. They proved very useable aircraft in the ETO. However, in the Mid East and Near East, theatres they suffered from a lack of performance in the "hot and high" conditions.
The USAF were overcoming this problem by fitting auxiliary jet engines to their C-123's (producing the C-123K model) but the R.A.F. did not like the idea of mixed power-plants, and the attendant fuel supply problems, in a tactical scenario, therefore a different solution was sought.
Marshal's of Cambridge suggested the new Rolls-Royce Tyne turbo-prop as an alternative power-plant and so one aircraft was made available for conversion.
The subsequent trials, with what was known as the Provider C1(T), in the Middle East, and East Africa proved so successful that all existing aircraft were converted, and a large order was placed for more. These known as the Provider C2, went straight to Marshal's for conversion and at the height of their operational career, the R.A.F. had ten full squadrons of the type in service.
The last one was retired in 1983.

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100% believable.   :thumbsup:
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MEAF camo is just lovely, isn't it? :wub: Very nice work, JayBee! :thumbsup:
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Nice!  So probably no need for the Andover and likely to be replaced by the DHC-5 Buffalo, perhaps?  Now here's a good whif concept.   ;D ;D
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I'm sure I saw one of those at Lyenham once........... :)

OUTSTANDING, and in the true spirit of Whiffery. Did the Tynes come from a Heller C-160, and if so what have you got planned for the rest of it? :)
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So what's the Whif?...isn't this real?...it must be!... :thumbsup:
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very nice, I like this one  :thumbsup:
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Is that the A-Model 1/144 kit ? Tremendous  :thumbsup:
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Well that definately works :wub:

(then again what doesn't look good in this scheme?)
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Quote from: nev on March 08, 2009, 05:54:20 AM
(then again what doesn't look good in this scheme?)

Airfix 1:24 Citroen 2CV ? :unsure:

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This will turn some heads!  :thumbsup:

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Beauty ! That sure changes the look of that old aircraft, eh ?

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