Tempest F8

Started by The Wooksta, March 02, 2009, 03:34:54 PM

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The Wooksta

Some of the Eagle engined Tempests have been bandied about here before, but not like this one!

Base Academy Tempest with Blackbeard Resins RR Eagle engine.  Yeah, it looks fast but really needs the leading edge intakes of the Tempest F1.  That cleans up the airframe and makes it look even faster.  An 8 blade Wyvern prop and she looks the business.  As for markings, a standard European scheme will suffice and markings for one of the lesser chosen squadrons*, in this case one of the Polish squadrons that escorted the Banff wing attacking German shipping.  I chose them as I was reading up on Banff operations recently and partly because I was getting sick and tired of seeing wifs with the same old squadrons - the well known ones mainly "Oh, 56 squadron, how original!" - and condemning the builders' lack of thought and imagination.  A few kill markings and she's done.


that is one superb looking Tempest! Wooksta!  :thumbsup: :tornado: :cheers:
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The Rat

That is one sexy beast!  :thumbsup: :cheers:
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Getting back into modeling


Oooh, sexy. :wub:  That has to be up there with the Sabre Fury on the list of pretty props... :wub:
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Daryl J.


.....and some years later that would look outstanding hurtling round the pylons at Reno in some mind bending colour scheme.

'Red Baron' and 'Rare Bear' watch out!  :thumbsup: :cheers:
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Captain Canada

Very cool......love the props.

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Vive les Canadiens !
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Oh yeah, like this one too!


Brilliant Lee, I've got one of these lined up to do myself to go with my Mk.VII
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Nice one Lee!

I'd better get mine done.....



Top notch, Mr B.  I assume you've assumed the P1027 as being the Tempest VII/F7, with your F8 as an interim type cum refinement of said Tempest VII/F7prior to the P1030 entering service?  Now, thinking about the way Spitfire designations/names ran (or rather didn't!), would a production P1030 have been the Spiteful equivalent of the Tempest in name terms, I wonder.
Quote from: kitnut617 on March 03, 2009, 07:03:17 AM
.....I've got one of these lined up to do myself to go with my Mk.VII
Me too (and  Mk VII), courtesy of a certain supply of parts. 

IMHO I do think the late-WW2/early post-war Brit designs that featiure in Tony Buttler's British Secret Projects books are far more interesting than Luftwaffe '46 stuff (there, I said it - I'll now sit back and await the hate mail!).  At least they weren't the result of drunken doodles on the backs of beermats during the 1944 Oktoberfest!
;D ;D
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Sleek & deadly looking, nice job on it.
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A veritable storm of Tempests - it's great to see these British might have beens appearing in model form. The pinacle of piston engine development
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