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Started by Green Dragon, March 01, 2009, 08:28:46 AM

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Green Dragon

Sharkit have announced a 1/72nd resin kit of the Dassault ACT-92.
Main site has a lot of whif-tastic stuff.

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What a beauty! :wub: But 60 EUR?  :(

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?


Sharkit make some amazing stuff, well moulded and packaged, with awesome instruction sheets etc.

But they do cost for sure, a bit like a French Anigrand perhaps?  You can spend hours on their web site, it has so many side alleys and nooks and crannies you get lost easily. I bought their Bell Rascal stand-off missile some years back and was wholly impressed. I haven't been able to get a B-47 to carry the darn thing since then though. :(
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I just noticed that a Mirage G8/Super Mirage was planned to be available from May 2008

Does anyone know what happened ??

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       Maybe it's like his recently released YAT-28E. I saw it announced many years ago in FSM's new kits listing & after a couple of years it was never released so I e-mailed him & inquired & was told it wasn't he who'd announced it, so I wrote it off as bad info & old age. Well, about 6 months ago, I bought 4 from him.......

Quote from: Deino on December 16, 2009, 01:52:24 PM
I just noticed that a Mirage G8/Super Mirage was planned to be available from May 2008

Does anyone know what happened ??



I am renaud from sharkit;
(I am only a single guy that works in his basement...

Mirage G8a and MD 750 I am recasting a couple right now,
so available in 2 weeks or so.

Dassault ACT (pres rafale study) is stocked.

After having so much fun on this site I decide to do a What-if...
A conversion (its cheaper) for a Northrop N9.. jet engined !
its coming very soon ...meanwhile:


Will you be doing the VG version of the Mirage G-8 ?

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I like Sharkit kits, but no way am I ordering them direct.  More expensive than Anigrand?!  Yeah, only if I'm totally piss drunk and forget my sanity.  Which I've been and come close to ordering, but even when thoroughly in the vapors, I still remember the exchange rate.

C'mon, some other kit manufacturer, produce a kit at less money!!!  Anigrand, I'm looking at you.
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No G8 VG version planed but:

kit prices:

I would love to make kits cheaper but its not possible:
in china workers cost 30 times less.

Martin H

It is true that both staff and raw materials cost a hell of a lot more in Europe than it does in China. That's why the likes of Airfix have moved production of some of their range there. Operations that keep all their work in their home country just cant compeat on price.
Plus the likes of Sharkit produce in very small quantities, and having done some home casting I know what a bitch of a material resin can be. The rejection rate is quite high (Ive found that on a good day I'm rejecting one in four), which in turn pushes up the unit cost of each item produced. So yes Sharkits may be expensive, but don't knock him as he has to cover his costs and make a living out of it as well. Just like any other business  :mellow:
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experience has taught me to expect the worst.

Size (of the stash) matters.

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I have a few of Renaud's kits, I like them and he is very helpful if something is broken too, like the white metal u/c on the XP-47J I got. Got a replacement very quickly.
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Where in the forum should I post the comments for this ? :

the conversion is done, the molds are drying.
available in a few days.
I took a set of picts and will post on the forum with comments if some are interested.

The instruction sheet and an extra color camouflage sheet (up)
can be download direct from my blog.
Ready to print 144 dpi on a A4 sheet
(sorry for you US friends, you'll need to print on your "large" legal US paper size ...)

Left and right on the sharkit site or site (more sci-fi)  there are many free things,
comics, docs, paper models, everything original (paper models are great ! and so cheap !!)


Hi Renaud - great kits you make!

This looks like a very interesting project. However, I'm afraid that I don't read French, so I'm not sure if you're selling this conversion or just doing it as a one-off?

If you are selling it and wish to promote it, then this thread is the right place to post the details and comments.

If it's a one-off personal project, then you should post it in it's own thread on the Current and Finished Projects (Aircraft) forum here:,94.0.html

Please note that I'm neither an administrator nor a moderator, so this is just my opinion and I apologise in advance if it's wrong.
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Hi Weaver,

I will sell some, the molds are just hardening now.

After that I will have to check the parts from the molds are ok and it will be available;
(price something like 10 euros ship include)

There are almost no modification to do to the injected kit in the basic option,
I'll post the step by step I did when doing the master parts.

I have also start a V2 version, the one in color drawings
(different canopy, nose guns, longer center part like the XB35.)
At the moment I dont know if it is releasable, I'll see.

the instruction sheet:


Sometimes things happen really fast....
I took some hours thinking what great but cheap conversion could be made,
and got a Sword Northrrop N9 box;
Flying wings, I am a fan...

I check what engine could fit and...
the Heas 011 is the best.
I know, a german a US plane,
but is there some alternative history writter ?
the kit waits its story...

the sharkit box with the early engines was of course a big help.

Jumo 004 was fitting to but required to rework the air intake,
because of its length.

The J35 is two large, the shape of the wing would have need to be enlarged,
and also the landing gear and others elements.

Shame....maybe another kit to come ?

The BMW of the Volksjager fits two,
and may have be a better choice, because with two Hes the N9
(its reconstructed version in fact...)
is obviously overpowerd....
but I dont want to go deep in the "real" plane designing,
to focuse on the kit.

Nene engine is two fatty,
it would have need to change the intrados of the wing,
so by by the cheap conversion.

next to come later...