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Re: The Finished Builds Thread
« Reply #15 on: May 10, 2009, 04:29:12 am »
I hate to do this, but I have to put up these two substandard pics for now.  I am working the next few days so no more opportunity for me to post up anything, but the -A and -B model GhostRaiders are done.  I would like to use these two pics as a "placeholder" for better pics in the event that I can get some new pics up before the deadline.  It is now 0630hrs, there is no sun for good outside pics, and I have to go to bed, so I will add better pics later.  Thanks.  Build thread is with everyone else's.

  -A model is for medium to light armored targets, using two 20mm and one 40mm cannon.  It does have the capability to carry external stores, but none are fitted to this example.
Not the case for the -B model.  It is packin'.  The -B model, in honor of our recent pirate visibility, is offered for those smaller countries that are having an "offshore" problem.  Two 7.62mm miniguns for anti-personnel/small boat work, supplemented by two 20mm cannon that are capable of doing damage to most vessels.  If that isn't enough, the two former surplus but now re-engineered missles (a short and long range option) can provide stand-off attack if there is an immediate threat to the -B.  And to add further injury to....uh....injury, it is also equipped with two short range torpedoes that are small, but pack a nice wallop.

Edit:  I had a surprise surgery on my shoulder last Thursday and wasn't able to get some better pics up.  Sorry, but that is the breaks!  Maybe next time I will get it in properly eh?
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Re: The Finished Builds Thread
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here is my entry full story and build photos here,24053.0.html

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