Thinking how to whiff a Hawkeye

Started by upnorth, February 27, 2009, 06:00:33 AM

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So, I've got RoG's 1/144 E-2 Hawkeye looking at me from the stash and begging to be whiffed.

It's going RAF in hemp over grey with low vis roundels and that's as far as I've got in thinking about it.

I have an IFR probe from a RoG 1/144 BAe 146 kit that I think would look really cool on the Hawkeye, but I'm not sure it makes any sense, from a plausibility stand point, to stick it on. I've never heard that the hawkeye ever was or could be rigged up for IFR or even needed to be.

If any of you know, would the Hawkeye have decent enough range on internal fuel volume to operate effectively from shore bases in the UK, or might that situation actually neccesitate the fitting of an IFR probe?

The engines will stay the same and I will be partially denavalising it to reduce weight slightly.

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Well our E-3 Sentry's have a refuelling probe and it's range is about 5000 miles so the Hawkeye (E-2C range 1605 miles) would definitely have a probe if operated by RAF or Royal Navy.
I'm part way through turning a Hawkeye into a jet V/STOL COD plane!

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IIRC the Israelis mounted a probe on their Hawkeyes (and removed them before selling them to the Mexican Navy).

And I think the USN is toying around with it on the new E-2Ds, so I'd say go for it on yours.



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Right! IFR it is then. Now to figure out how the probe looks best on the thing :huh:

I've also decided it will probably go in 19 Sqn. colours. I have a nice 19 Sqn. emblem from what's left of a Matchbox 1/72 BAC Lightning decal sheet that should be just the right size to fit on the outside end plates of the horizontal stabilizer. Big enough to be used in some sort of unit anniversary scheme or show bird.

Now to figure out, tentatively, how it got into RAF service in the first place. I'm thinking it will be along the lines of the Phantom and Buccaneer, second hand FAA gear that went to the RAF after the conventional carriers went out.

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How about RWR pods on the front and rear of all FOUR fins? :)
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well, i have 2 hawkeye whiffs here.
1 was made from the box in Flemish Air Command markings, the other converted to a transport plane.

if you want to build a hawkeye with an IFR probe, i always thought it would look great in Royal Navy markings.
i think they even concidered to operate E-2D's from the RN's new CFV Carriers as a replacement for the Seaking AsAc.7. to bad they will most likely stay what-if  :rolleyes:
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Sony Ericsson Erieye radar :thumbsup: Coz its a prop :cheers:


If you have two kits I can provide you with two ideas I have for whifff hawkeyes: first FAA alternate Falklands, as a gannett replacement in late 70s. The second could be a CO-IN aircraft, some kind of scaled up mohawk, getting rid of the radome and with underwing rockets, hellfires and fuel tanks. Even CBUs. Paint it in sand and you have a CAS aircraft for Irak. Maybe overall black, sharkmouths... :rolleyes:
How about a gunship? tail minigun? fixed forward firing cannons as a modern-day Invader?


Or how about getting another kit and making an E-2XL with stretched fuselage and four engines?  :blink: :wacko:

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?


waterbomber? Remove the frisbee and stuff the belly like a newbee at a Weight Watchers meeting and poof, a flying rainstorm,
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Pretty simple AH - cheap and readily available off the shelf replacement for decrepit Shackletons!
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Another possibility:

Fit windows and passenger seats. Remove the dome, and you have a nice ATR/Dash-8 competitor :drink: