Yet more TSR2 profiles

Started by DamienB, February 24, 2009, 02:14:27 PM

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waw those look really sweet, i particularly like the MEAF schemed example, just how i visualise the type  :thumbsup:
another possibly worth profiling would be a far east one in green/brown/black and a RAFG. example in green/grey/black all with the high demarcation as drawn for the type, ok i acknowledge that had it gone into service the camou line would be as per norm but 'what if' !

many thanks for sharing, cheers, Joe
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THat retirement scheme is really, really nice with the logo on the tail.
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Thanks chaps. Have put another few up on that page including Indian and German examples... and a green/brown/black one for Joe!

(Big copy exclusive to this forum. I don't normally bother with highlighting as I prefer to see the colour demarcations clearly on profiles).


The green/brown/black one looks stunning, Damien!  :thumbsup: