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F-4XL Phantom III "The Phoenix"

Started by Eddie M., February 23, 2009, 05:55:20 PM

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Eddie M.

Out of the ashes of the F-15/106 that has been languishing for years, I came up with an idea for an even bigger F-4 (donated by Ron ;D.)

Here's how it starts.This will be my long term project for the year, depending on how much help I get from the voices in my head. :rolleyes:

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John Howling Mouse

So, erm, why do your Franken-Models look better while still in dissimilar bits and pieces than most of mine do even once they're completed?!  It ain't fair, man!
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OH MY  :o  :wub: I will be in the back room :blink: :thumbsup: :bow:
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Hiya Eddie

All I can say is life was easier (not much fun but easier) back in the day when I was on FSM .

MILLERIZED it still works! ;D
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wow great re-modeling technique Eddie, looks the business  :ph34r: :thumbsup:
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Looks interesting so far, Eddie.  Looking forward to seeing more of this monster.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.


'Monster' is about right isn't it?...amazing stuff...so what's the colour scheme going to be? Any ideas yet?
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Ed S

Great start Eddie.  I like the extra long Phantom idea.  What other interesting bashing to you have planned for this one?

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Couldn't quite work out where the 106 bit(s) were to begin with, but I have got it now.
Wow! How many pylons are you going to hang on that wing?

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Innn-terestink, feeeeery interestink.  :o
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Brian da Basher

A stretch Phantom? Brillant!!!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Brian da Basher

Eddie M.

Thanks Gents! I can't really say what the final scheme will be because I haven't considered it yet.  This is one of those ideas that I had to get into a basic shape and go from there. I see it as a big SAC bomber with lots of MER racks holding lots of mud movers. From the looks of it, I may have to add bigger engines, but I'm not sure yet. ;D
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Green Dragon

Excellent idea Eddie! Is that part of the Northwest DC-10 as a piece of the spine? You really are master of the hack and slash school of model building!

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