anti-stress modeling: doctors orders

Started by Spey_Phantom, February 23, 2009, 06:03:10 AM

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i havent been feeling like modeling in a while, but now i feel like i should better make something.

i have been under a lot of stress lately cause of the moving, jobhunting, working at the new house every afternoon for 9 days straight now, bad advise,......
last night and this morning, i suddenly started to burst out in tears for no reason, i knew someting was wrong with me, possibly deu to stress or perhaps the start of a depression, i dont know  :huh:
at some point i was starting to think i was going insane, so i thought since i now have 1 free afternoon, i might try to make a new whiff model, just to see if that can make me feel better.

OK, enough with the personal problems, its the model you want to see  :rolleyes:

so looking through the stash i got this revell (ex-matchbox) 1/72 Do-28D2 Skyservant, and i want to make it up in Belgian Markings, maybe as a light transport/gunship. i still have some spare decals left so lets see how this one will look  :mellow:

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Speaking as a person who has a mental illness which includes depression with  other problems i have , my doctor at hollybush house were i go for treatment recommends things like art and model building as it allows the brain to switch off the worries of the day, and concentrate on not sticking your fingers together or painting your lips blue when you put the paint brush in your mouth instead of your pencil.
The people involved with this group will always be their to listen to your problems as we are more than just a group of people who make things out of plastic and paper , but also i like to think a group of friends who although may never meet face to face are close.
Don't be afraid to ask for help form a provisional now even if you think its only a short turn illness as the longer it goes on the worse it could get even if you try to ignore it and put it into the back of your mind.

by the way that aircraft needs a jet engine to boost its speed.

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Yep, we are always here for ya!
Work is slow for me too, it sucks. Ah well, it'll get better, it always does.

  Gunship ? Like that idea. Vulcan guns or cannon? or both??? :cheers:


Hope you'll be okay Nils. :thumbsup:

Why don't you enter this in the COIN GB?  As far as I know, Do.28's have been armed, but you can go a step further, Vulcan or Minigun in the door as Greg mentions, rocket pods on the wings.  There is a Turboprop version, maybe you can upgrade yours?
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I know where you're coming from, Nils (and Lenny) - I have similar issues. I find modelling is a great way to vent - it's something that you can focus on to the exclusion of everything else, which can be very helpful. Looking forward to seeing the build. :)
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thanks everyone for the kind words, i do feel a bit better now, although i do still feel a little emotional, dont know why  :huh:

anyway, a bit of modeling (and painting) was just what the doctor ordered, i have managed to set my mind on other things, im gonna keep on building tonight and i decided to build it as a cargo/communications aircraft, so no big modifications. maybe if i get my hands on another one i might build it as a Gunship/Floatplane for the Phillipene navy, they could use some  ;D

here's a pic of the 2 pilots, paining now as good as finished. also painted (but no pics yet) is the cockpit panel (basic), floor, seats and inside of the aircraft. tonight the cockpit is gonna et the instruments decaled on, the seats will be fitted and the pilots will take there place at the controls  :mellow:

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Nils, mental issues take more than a few days to resolve. Take your time to unwind, and don't worry if progress seems slow.

(I'm in the same boat)


Depression is hard to fight... I can just send you my friendly encouragements from the other side of the "taalgrens"; and a good medicine is for sure: model on!


Nils, I've been struggling with depression for @ 25 years & it's no fun.  However I've found that modelling is a great way to get a sense of success, a sense of "Okay-ness" and an excuse (for me, at least &lt;_&lt;) to indulge in my hobby.  Hang in there dude, listen to the doctor!



Buck up and be strong for us, ICE. We need you here brother :wub: :thumbsup: :bow:
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The bid D has to be one of the most frightening illnesses around.  Sinister and sneaky, usually senseless, robbing you of your own personal passions in life.  Hopefully, you're simply going through an intense period of emotions which will pass.  Willing to bet that modelling is a sensible antidote.

Pilots look good.  Looking forward to more.
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Hang in there, bro! :thumbsup:

Anti-piracy patrol Do-28? :wacko:

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been stuck sick at home today (with a terrible cold) so that gave me time to make some progress in the Do-28.
the engines have now met up with the fuselage and the wings have also been assembled.

still on the spreu, but painted are the props and the landing wheels. i still have a bit of soviet-GB fuel left so i have painted the instrument panel is a bleu color  ;D
tonight im gonna go through the decal box and see if i can find some Army Aviation markings (Landmacht / Force Terrestre)
as for a color scheme, im thinking either all-Green or Belgian 3 or 4-tone camo  ;D

progress pics  :mellow:

and here an example of the Belgian 4-tone woodland camo (used on Belgian Army uniforms, Brown/green/kaki/black pattern)

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Me, I'm dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest.
Honestly, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for!!!