P.A.T.R.I.O.T. (Not the missile)

Started by Acree, February 15, 2009, 03:07:31 PM

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Hi all!

My first whiff project (at least since the 1970s) is on the drawing boards and parts are on order.  The idea started as an updated B-47 (as in, "What if B-47s remained in service and got re-engined?").  Working on the ideas and the backstory took it a whole new direction, although it is still based on a B-47! 

Here's the story: After the 9-11 attacks the US needed an aircraft capable of long patrols of the battlefield anywhere in the world, with lethal weaponry and a robust reconnaissance capability.  The US government held a quick-response competition dubbed P.A.T.R.I.O.T (a very popular term in the US at the time) standing for Persistent, Anti-Terrorist, Reconniassance and Interdiction, On-Time.  The winner of the competition was a Boeing design designated MB-3A Patriot.  It combined long range at moderately high speed, long endurance over the battlefield, a large precision weapon load, sythetic aperture radar for ground search, a multi-spectrum targeting system (reconnaissance and target designation system as in the latest version of the MQ-1 Predator), and the ability to downlink full-motion video over a satellite link.

The model: Starting with a B-47, replace the six engines with two modern engines (CFM-56 from an Airbus model).  Replace the outboard engine pods with a fixed fuel-and-sensor pod, while moving the outrigger wheels to this pod. Add scratchbuilt winglets for more efficient cruise.  Replace the B-47 canopy with that from a F/A-18F, add external weapons and vairous other fiddly bits (SATCOM radome, MTS ball, SAR radome, etc).  Add external weapons (the internal bomb bay would be full of GBU-39 or -40 SDBs).  Also considering the GAU-8 Avenger cannon from an A-10 (maybe).

I have a rough drawing, but can't remember how to post it here.

Any thoughts?



Sounds great! little bit of everything  :mellow:
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Sounds intriguing....looking forward to photos!   :thumbsup:
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Super Cool!!!!!!!! sounds like Something from a Dale Brown Novel!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Blues or a Pic!!!!! Stay Cool!! :mellow: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :cheers:


neat !

If you have a jpeg, just post on a free account like Photobucket, copy it, then hit the image tag (second row, second in right up above) and paste it inbetween the [img] tags...viola!


Thanks for the help and all the good comments.  Here is my rough drawing of the MB-3A without any external weapons.  Scaling on the engine nacelles and canopy may not be perfect, but should be close.  Parts arrive on Tuesday, so I'll get started then... standby for photos!  Cobra - good point about Dale Brown - I didn't think of him, but you're right it sounds like something he'd come up with - Flight of the Even-Older-Dog!

Daryl J.

Go for it, that looks great!  :thumbsup:  1/144 scale presumably?

Daryl J.


Yes, although I've NEVER worked in 1/144 before, i couldn't find a bigger scale B-47, and even if I did, who has room for THAT kind of thing?  Besides, some of the detail (like the MTS ball, etc) might be easier at that scale. 



It's not that big Chuck   :lol:  I've got a couple of 1/72 scale ones (one to be converted into an RB-47), they're not any bigger than a B-29.  You can get a 1/48 scale vacuform too  :thumbsup:
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Jeffry Fontaine

Regarding the "MN" tail code on your project.  Perhaps it would be better to stick with the traditional geometric shape with letter codes such as what you would have seen on other USAAF or USAF bombers of the WWII and Korean war era.  These same tail codes were recently resurrected and applied to the tails of Air Combat Command bomber aircraft that have participated in missions over Iraq, Afghanistan, and if I am not mistaken, Bosnia.   
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Hmmm... from an aesthetic standpoint, geometric shapes would be nice, but from a "historical" standpoint, I think I like two-letter tail codes (since this is supposed to be a OEF/OIF machine).  I have not heard of a resurrection of the geometric tail codes, but I will look into it.  If I decide to go that route, I'll go with the diamond-Y of the 99th Bomb Group, since that holds personal significance to me (my last B-52 flying unit was the 99th Wing, and we resurrected the Diamond-Y as an UNOFFICIAL wing emblem, though we could not put it on our airplanes, since A.)we didn't own any, and B.) ACC would not have allowed it. Anyhow, my major parts have arrived, but, since I haven't modelled in quite some time I need to go to the hobby store to get some paint, cement, etc.  More later -



Construction of the Patriot has begun.  I haven't built a model in a LONG time, and never in this tiny scale, so progress is slow and spotty, but here are a couple of photos showing progress so far. 

Any and all comments welcome!



What a neat looking machine...good work so far sir!... :thumbsup:
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I like this idea, nice way to update an old classic.  I think it would look great in 1/72 as well.

Do you have a colour scheme decided for it


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Thanks, guys.  I am open to suggestions on color scheme, but I am currently planning on overall gray, with markings of current Operation Enduring Freedom aircraft.  I managed to get a set of decals with some OEF markings (9-11-2002 "Never Forget", etc.) in 1/48 scale which will scalorama nicely onto the Patriot in 1/144th.  Other than that, I am thinking standard ACC markings, including two letter codes (but I haven't decided which base yet).  As I said, I am open to suggestions. 

Next steps are crafting the fuel/sensor/tip gear underwing pods, then paint, then hang weapons.  I've got a limited supply since I am only just back to modelling, and have no spares box to draw from.  I've already spent upwards of $100 on this monster, so am not inclined to buy more.  I've got a couple GBU-12s, and six Marvericks that I am planning to use, along with a smattering of sensors, etc.  I think that should do nicely with the (unseen) bomb-bay full of GBU-39s.