Belgian F-84

Started by Softscience, February 13, 2009, 10:41:45 AM

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Hi folks. I'm brand new here, though some of you may know me from a few other fora.

This being my first What-if. I decided to take it easy and just dress up a known aircraft in unknown camo and with a modified weapons load-out. Eventually I'll build more interesting things. Anyhow. Enjoy


Very Cool!!!!! Welcome to What If!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great for Your 1st Pic!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :cheers:

Ed S

Welcome, Softscience.  That's a nice looking F-84.   :thumbsup:  Very well finished and weathered.  I look forward to your "more interesting" models.


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I like the "Plank". Welcome to the madhouse.

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Well, that's a real fine finish you've got there.  Clearly, you know your way around an airbrush.  Nice to have you here (translation: looking forward to more!).

:thumbsup:   :wub:
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welcome to the forums  :mellow:
and let me say you did a great job on the belgian F-84  :thumbsup:

however, i dont want to spoil the fun here, but the only what-if on the model is the awesome camo paintjob.
the Belgians DID operate the F-84 in the 50's, but they were all painted in metallic/silver  ;D


but i wish they used the bullpop like the one on your f-84
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Excellent work SS  :thumbsup: Really love the camo and the weathering.  :wub: Welcome , now be weirder :blink:
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Quote from: Softscience on February 13, 2009, 10:41:45 AM
a known aircraft in unknown camo and with a modified weapons load-out

Nils must be one of those kids that just looks at the pictures, eh ?


Great job on that one. Looks like she's ready to rumble !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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Brian da Basher

Absolutely top-shelf! That's one heck of an introduction! Belgian markings look great on that camo and the load-out makes me imagine it was pulled out of the boneyard in an emergency!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Brian da Basher


Welcome to the Dark Side, SS!!!

We have cookies!!!

Good to have you here with us. Now relax, sit back and enjoy the delicious madness of the site and its community while you make new and awesome models like this one.

Understood only by fellow Whiffers....
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OK, I know I can't stop scratchbuilding. Someday, I will build something OOB....



Thank you everybody for the warm welcome. I was a little hesitant to post the model here at first, fearing it wasn't what-if enough :)

I'm glad I did though.

I have to say that I had a lot of fun working on the finish without having to worry about accuracy and such. Nils, who would have thought that I came so close to reality? :)

I'm thinking now of a Polish Harrier GR7 armed to the teeth with Russian A/G weapons. The only mods will include incorporating some pods and such into the nose, a unique camo finish (I'm thinking winter or desert). Then maybe and AFV of some kind


dont worry about what i said, its what-if engough for me.
i was even planning a high-spine F-16D a long while back as a SAED aircraft for the Belgian AF  ;D

as a Belgian, i have to agree that everything look good in Belgian markings  :bow:
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Welcome aboard - nice entrance (whiffs can be subtle or outrageous here - we even accept real world!).  Looking forward to your proposed Polish Harrier GR7 - sounds like a great idea :thumbsup:.


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Hi there, welcome aboard!  :thumbsup:

That's a very nice paint job you've got there - well done!  :thumbsup: Those kind of skills will be hugely useful in making more outrageous whiffs credible, but as has been said, subtle ones are more than welcome too.
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Welcome. Nice "Plank" ( a great favourite of mine) Dont forget to tell us all what colour your meds. are.
A small point to ponder; instead of a bomb how about a guidance pod for the Bullpub (ala F4 Fury)?
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