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Started by ysi_maniac, February 07, 2009, 10:06:50 AM

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Will die without understanding this world.


Nah! Don't be silly, it has not got any wings!!!!!!!!
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like it, i love it  :wub:

it looks like the soviet mammoth tank from C&C red alert  :rolleyes:

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I've been waiting for this to be released for over a year. But I'm appalled by the price - I was expecting 6,000 or 7,000 yen, but 9k??? It's not that big a model, and Bandai are taking the piss if they think that's reasonable. I think £30 for a Dragon or Tamiya kit is too much, to be honest, let alone double that. The Yen will have to fall a long way before I'd consider buying it.
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I love it the cost is the only downside.
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I love it in a very dirty and adult manner  :wacko: but there is no way they're getting 100 bucks from me :banghead: :banghead:
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  Already sent an email to see if I could get a review kit...yeah, 100 bucks...Shanlyn would take away my percocets !


I heard about this on SSM.  I couldn't understand all the fuss about a Type 61 tank, but I thought they were talking about this:

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Definitely a big chunk of change, but seriously nice to boot too.  I love the UC Hardgraph stuff that Bandai is bringing out.



Green Dragon

Like Pyro-Maniac I've been waiting a year for this to come out this but I can't afford that much on one kit. I'd rather get a lots of smaller kits instead.

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There's more in the range too, some good looking stuff.  I'm thinking of HOG when I look at these, especially the two troop sets with wrecked robot/mech parts....

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If it was in 72nd Scale, I'd love it even more...

And you can bet I'd be thinking of how to bash that little sucker to MAKE a Mammoth Tank.

But it's Bandai, and I find myself somewhat surprised it's even in a regular scale.  As to a 72nd scale version, not likely ever, or else it'd be a Garage kit at some show and I'll never get my grubby paws on it, so meh.

Still... that's hot.
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.


Mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday...fingers crossed.


Damn, but the box-art is cool!  :bow:

My wallet wouldn't just cringe, though. It would run to the nearest corner, draw its head in, make hissing noises and  get the claws out! :lol:

And what is that "Semovente" supposed to mean?  :huh: Apparently, semovente is Italian for self-propelled. Self-propelled MBT? Umm, yes, of course. What good would a towed MBT be?   :rolleyes:

Hmmm, how would a Merkava with two main guns look...?  :wacko:

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Quote from: cthulhu77 on February 22, 2009, 05:58:14 AM
Mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday...fingers crossed.

Lucky git!
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