A to F ?....or a story of a Panther

Started by wolfik, February 07, 2009, 08:48:26 AM

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hi all
long time is gone.....
hope all are safe here and have fun on modeling?  :cheers:
today again one of my unfinished projects....
an older A panther from dragon with the old F turret modified to an "act of desperation" Pnther....
the idea was to up armour the panther sides with the same art of armour like the one used by some units fighting in italy on turret roofs...
the rests of zimmerit, a phone box and an APU in an armored box are attempts to make the kit more interesting.
Im working on it...and yes...I plan to finish it :)
hope you like it!°
best regards!



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Very great idea, along with a fantastic build !  I love up-armored stuff, this one is going to be out of the world !   :cheers:


Your work always looks like it was meant to be  :bow:  Remember you said you are going to finsih this! We all heard you  ;D

Beautiful build :wub:
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Like it that's giving me ideas for the what if campaign over on armorama i have a panther lying around that need something done with it  :wacko:
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I assume the large chunky boxy thing hanging off the back is the "APU in an armored box" you mention - what is an APU? Apart from a guy from the Simpsons who thanks people and asks them to come again...
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APU = Auxiliary Power Unit.  Saves running the main engine all the time.  Still used today on tanks - e.g. the ARA M1A1s have a single cylinder, air cooled diesel engine.  See here on the back of the turret:


All hail the God of Frustration!!!

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Well, Peter, this is an odd coincidence.  About an hour ago, I found that sample of Forex you sent me and have started using it today on a build I've forgotten about since 2006.

Where have you been?

I see your modelling skills are still among the best around.   :bow:

Looking forward to more progress on this fantastic tank of yours.   :cheers:
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That Panther looks great What kind of paint or camo will it be in? :thumbsup:
Yeah,I know the load is late.But the voices keep telling me to pull over and clean the guns.
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Oh Hellzyeah!

Do the grenade shields over the engine fans keep the turret from rotating a certain amount??
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