Something a bit different - The Porcupine!

Started by BlackOps, February 05, 2009, 08:15:31 PM

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I've been way off my game lately, between feeling blah, and having no time, I've not done much model building. Well that's got to change!

This one is going to be a sci-fi/futuristic communications/jamming vehicle. Lots of sensors and jamming goodies. The chassis is from a 1/72 scale Merkava tank. The rest of the parts may be fairly easy to recognize  ;D

I've added a buch of little beads to attach my antennas to. I think once I get all the antennas in place you'll know why I called it the porcupine

Have no idea what's next but that's half the fun :)

Jeff G.
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a great concept made from bits and bobs.  :thumbsup:

any ideas for the paint job?


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Brian da Basher

That's just too cool, Black Ops! Porcupine seems perfect!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Brian da Basher


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Sweet idea!  :thumbsup: ;D

Reminds of two things:

1. Those backpacks covered in rubber spikes that are/were fashionable,

2. The broken trackball controller I've got lying around somewhere..... :wacko:
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Ed S

This looks interesting.  Great use of "junk".

Ed :cheers:
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And why not? In my youth I stuck 1:144 MiG wings on a Mac SE (the square one!) mouse, added a Serial plug to the back as an engine and built a cockpit area into the hole left by the button. Now if only I'd finished it...
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John Howling Mouse

Very innovative.  So would this be manned or some kind of drone?
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You know something? Just recently, over the last year or so I guess, I've been getting sicker and sicker of the serious side of this hobby. Way too many people out there telling you that the particular shade of RLM65 I used on that Messerscnitt wasn't actually in use between June and October 1943 and I'm a complete (very naughty word) for painting it in the completely wrong shade, didn't I know what I was doing?...Huh?...get a freakin' life!

I just love you guys...you've made me actually enjoy these bits of plastic again!... :bow:

BlackOps...you ROCK!
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