Are Airfix behind this?

Started by Riksbar, February 03, 2009, 01:46:50 PM

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TsrJoe why do we need a long range strike bomber type...oh yip i forgot... Iraq, Afganistan, etc. etc.  :blink:

what a pos. the Tornado fulfilled the requirement adequately for the role, having said that i do admit i cant see the UK. getting a proper replacement for that one anytime soon, F.35 anybody?

cheers, Joe
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Good grief. You'd think the person who submitted that petition would have at least spellchecked it first... :banghead:

As to replacing Tornado, perhaps BAE can do something with Typhoon to turn it into a decent striker. Bigger wing, internal weapons bay, etc.
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I think someone was building something like that, a Fullback-ised Typhoon.  Don't remember seeing it finished.

Ah, found it!  It was you Pyro!,21257.0/highlight,strike+typhoon.html
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A Canberra should do the job nicely I'd have thought..........  ;D
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Something similar might actually be useful - the USAF are still getting excellent use out of their Buffs. IIRC, one of the proposals for FOAS was to have a big, slow aircraft (Hercules, A400M or similar) launching swarms of cruise missiles. Perhaps we'll see a Nimrod B.5 at some point! :wacko:

Mossie: Yep. ;D
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