Twin-Fenestron biplane and twin-cabin boat

Started by Tophe, January 31, 2009, 10:58:33 AM

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At http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,22906.0.html I explained how Wooden woodcraft kits (made in China) were offered to me in duplicate. What a what-ifer can do with that?
This week-end, I was building the last ones = 3 "Hong Ri" kits : two copies of "Frighter Helicopter" (reference HR103) and one copy of (biplane) "Airplane" (reference HR106).
In a half-day complete build, I used the rear parts of the helicopters as lateral fuselages of the biplane, and with the remaining cabins of the helicopter, I made a catamaran boat (with blades linking both hulls)...

The pilot of the biplane comes from the Spowith kit.
That does not look like something real, I know, but this is strongly enriching the Fenestron family, no? Why anti torque devices on an airplane? Hey, this plane has a single propeller, so has torque... maybe the anti torque here are not in the right position (they should be far above the propeller, or horizontal at the wing tips), but this could have been the first try (first mistake) of a young designer...
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


The pilot here is not aerodynamic at all, but WHAT IF that was part of the old design plan?: as there is no windscreen, the chosen pilot is a fat wide man (with protruding ears, not represented at this scale), acting as air-brake to improve maneuvrability (decrease turn rate).
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]



Quote from: B787 on February 01, 2009, 02:00:07 AM
Are they glued together? :thumbsup:
Part of it is not glued but I followed instructions: "if connecting joints is loose, use glue". So half of the joints are glued.
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Hmmm, sounds very chinese :lol:

The plane looks very nice actually. The fenestron blades almost make it look like any old normal tail :thumbsup: :wub:


Catamaran chopper and double fenestron? :unsure: :unsure:

Man, those are great ideas!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Hah!! I can see more JMNish types scratching their heads at this..... :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :drink: :drink: :drink: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Understood only by fellow Whiffers....
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UUUuuumm, I love cardboard (Cardboard, Yum!!!)
OK, I know I can't stop scratchbuilding. Someday, I will build something OOB....



What a great solution to the gift dilemma !! :thumbsup:


With PhotoPaint (Canadian PhotoShop), I have CGIed a different twin-Fenestron, tandem :blink: :

on my fake-aircraft page http://www.kristofmeunier.fr/fake_aircraft_2.htm  ;D
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


so have you exhibited yet? I'd like to see the rivet counters' reactions when they discover it has no rivets and is certainly not to be found in thier research collections... actually, they'd porbably just laugh at you for the wrong reasons, damn them!
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Yes! I do have exhibited! Here are the reactions of all the public that has seen such a marvel:
- my wife: "Nice!"
- my father: "Funny..."
- my mother: "very different, yes"
That's all! What a success! I feel "proud", yes. This is better than a gold medal. ;D
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]