Freightdog update on Silver Cloud project kits

Started by Freightdog862, January 22, 2009, 01:28:25 PM

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Just thought I'd give an update on current and future projects, that will all be released under my Silver Cloud label, here you go;

The Avro 720 has managed to overcome a major hurdle that was holding it up, the clear resin canopy! Finally looks like a decent quality one is ready. Next thing is the metal u/c which should all be sorted in time for Huddersfield. Price on that one is still £29.99, as its all made in Britain and the exchange rate does not effect it. Its a limited edition of 250 kits, once they are gone I will need to print more decals which will only happen if there is significanty demand.

The P1154 is coming along in Hong Kong, contrary to what I thought, Arnold did not make the masters, and his pattern maker left Hong Kong left last to go to his village for the Chinese New Year that starts this weekend, so Arnold has contracted the final changes to another pattern maker. My deadline I gave him was end of January, but he has apologized for not making it due to running out of time before the Chinese New Year (the country is effectively closed next week). I should be getting the final master shots in the next few days to sign off, all being well I will have some for Hudderfield, perhaps not the full batch of 60 but plenty to get started with. The price on this is not yet confirmed, Anigrand work in US Dollars, so its costing me a lot more than originally planned, but I plan on holding the price at around £35.00 at least for the first batch, with an increase likely on the next one, depending on the exchange rates next month etc.

The P1083 conversion masters are ready, Paul Lucas is sending me them tomorrow, and I will be bringing them along to Milton Keynes for you to have a look. All being well I'll get them to Alistair and get some cast up for Huddersfield, however Paul has a habit of making masters that are designed for his hand casting techniques, and Ali has struggled with most of them, fingers crossed these are pretty straight forward. This set also includes a screen printed decal sheets for the prototype serial WN470, other decals come from the Revell sheet. Paul will be starting on te P1109 next, hopefully in time for Southern Expo.

Next project after that is likely to be the EAP or P1081, either of which could be mastered by Anigrand depending on our sorry currency.

Hope thats answers any questions.


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Decals my @r$e!


Heres a preview of the P1083 masters, hopefully cast in time for Huddersfield;

And now attached to Revell fuselage which shows the wing sweep better.

Hope you like them.



They look lovely, I might just pick up a set off you at Huddersfield.  Now that might go lovely with a P.1109 nose, ideas....
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Quote from: Overkiller on January 31, 2009, 08:03:23 AM
What is the RRP likely to be on that 1083 conversion, as I could see myself releiving you of one of those at Huddersfield.....   :thumbsup:



Not sure yet Duncan, Ali will only confirm the casting costs when I send him the masters, but it should be under a tenner (and that includes a small decal sheet to cover the prototype serial WN470).


Cough P.1121 Cough...


I have quite a few original BAE EAP photos if thats any help.
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I think you guys are coming down with something, must be the cold weather? ;D


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Just to say that I got to see the masters yesterday at MK and they really do look good. Looking forward to this one Colin, probably have 2, one for a service 1083 and the other for a service 1109  :wub:
Decals my @r$e!


Well, at the risk of offending all the Hawker fans, I think what the world really needs is a good Fairey Delta 2.


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Quote from: Freightdog862 on February 02, 2009, 02:23:41 AM
I think you guys are coming down with something, must be the cold weather? ;D

don't somehow think its a cold or the weather!

but there's an awful echo round here........ [sounds like P1121 to me]  ;D  ;D

btw, the 1083 looks good.
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Quote from: simonm on February 02, 2009, 05:51:59 PM
Well, at the risk of offending all the Hawker fans, I think what the world really needs is a good Fairey Delta 2.


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Actually alot depends on whats available, the Avro 720 was already mastered by Paul Lucas and Colin has put this into production, the upcoming Hawker P1154 has been mastered from Anigrand and bassed up research by Harrier.

To do the Fairey Delta II, Colin would need to commission a new master, as there is already a kit all be it an old one so i doubt Colin could justify the investment as the resin kit would be about three to four times the price of the plastic kit version then i doubt many will pay for the better quality, plus the ER103 Fighter version is quite different to the FD2.

Now if Colin could get hold of a  Fairey Delta III master....
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Quote from: Thorvic on February 03, 2009, 04:46:20 AM....
Now if Colin could get hold of a  Fairey Delta III master....

AMEN !!!!   :rolleyes:

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