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Started by Atlantis, January 19, 2009, 06:54:35 PM

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During  the latter days of the first Cylon war, the Colonial Space guard utilised a Zero length launch system that could put a fully weaponised viper into the air to deal with a cylon threat; without the need of an extensive catapult system or conventional runway. The viper variant used for these operations was the Viper MK. IB Heavy. The Mk.IB had beefed up gun pylons for two 6-barreled heavy gatling guns, and strengthened wings so that it could carry the Mk. 81 Banshee nuclear air to air missile. Usaully stationed on the outskirts of large cities or other strategic targets, the Viper would be launched into the air using a small solid fuel rocket, which would be jettisoned shortly after take-off from its trailer transporter.It would then use the nuclear missiles to  destroy the bulk of incoming air craft, taking out the remainder using a variety of air to air missiles and the aforementioned guns.

As the Colonial Space Guard motto says;
"When life hands you toasters, make toast"

This was originally for the SSM BSG contest, but due to time constraints (school and all) It wasn't quite up to my standards.

John Howling Mouse

Cool idea.  Love the markings, too.   :wub:
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Quote from: John Howling Mouse on January 19, 2009, 07:04:52 PM
Cool idea.  Love the markings, too.   :wub:

I can send you a set of decals if you want them (word document).


Awesome, Atlantis!  I've seen your work over at SSM, and this is great.  Those markings are indeed great stuff!

I've got a dinky little 1/72 Mk II I've got in tactical grey scheme, but haven't been able to come up with markings.  Yours gives me ideas.

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Very, very nice work.  The concept is fun, the model is absolutely far, the best Viper I have seen.


Very imaginative! :thumbsup: And nicely executed!

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Ed S

Inventive and well done.  I like this one.

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Green Dragon

Nice one Atlantis!  I'm building one of those new release Vipers right now but it's for someone else so I can't whif it Like your's.

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Great concept.  I like the external stores, too.  Nice. :thumbsup:


Nice idea - those marking seem very right for the Colonials somehow...  :thumbsup:
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