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Started by Hobbes, January 18, 2009, 04:57:49 AM

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Comrades! The gauntlet has been thrown down by the Imperialists, and we, the people of the CCCP will give them a resounding answer. The world will tremble at the sight of our technical prowess once again. We will take the Branson Trophy [1] as a symbol for superior Socialist engineering.
The MiG OKB has been chosen to provide a vehicle, and their design will guarantee our success. The Krasnaya Zvesda will be based on the proven MiG-25, the fastest airplane in the world.

To the Motherland!

(idea from this message and the one below)

1: Capitalist Richard Branson has decided to sponsor a contest for LSR vehicles. One team per country will be allowed entry. The contest will take place at the unique venue of Edwards Air Force Base, home of the longest runway in the world.



Comrade Hobbeski you are a credit to the socialist brotherhood and are a grand example of the workers' ingenuity and drive!  We at the Naval Aviation Bureau look forward to your progress!

A tanker of vodka is on its way to provide warmth and inspiration!


Comrade Lt. Colonel Anatoly Iosef Pakizorich, Naval Aviation Bureau

EDIT:  It appears, comrades, I'm already into the vodka too much...
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See, this is what I get for having two tabs open on the Whif site at once.  Reading one, replying to another...
I exist to pi$$ others off!!!
My categorized models directory on my site.
My site (currently with no model links).
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Construction has started:

(note worker's vehicles for comparison, if nothing else this wil be the biggest LSR contender ever)


An excellent effort, Comrade Hobbeski! All the Central Committee, and the Director of the KGB in particular, are awaiting your success with interest....
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Have you given any thought to flipping the air intakes upside-down? If, heaven forbid, this thing was intended to go substantially supersonic in the current configuration, shock wave reflection from the ground would badly interfere with the intended operation of these ramp-style inlets.


The Director of the KGB will be with you shortly, as that was exactly my plan but was to be kept secret until a later date  ;D


Reuter/AP, Langley, VA - Breaking news:

This just in! In an unprecedented move, the US intelligence community has given us access to actual footage obtained by spies. Despite earlier assurances that securing an American victory in this year's LSR contest was a formality, the Soviets seem to be well on their way to finishing an ambitious contender. According to CIA analysts, the machine is based around two of the biggest jet engines available to the Soviets, and based on their calculations it would be capable of Mach 3!
Something must be done! We Americans cannot tolerate a Speed Record Gap!

The photo shows the Russian car on a snow-covered runway at a remote air base in Siberia. Testing has already begun, despite the machine being apparently unfinished.


Quote from: Hobbes on February 07, 2009, 01:30:19 AM
Something must be done! We Americans cannot tolerate a Speed Record Gap!

So they made an opponent based on a SR-71 with truncated wings!  :wacko:



Looking good.  Saw something similar while surfing last week.  Guy used a Mig 29 instead but also put it upside down.  He didn't have the tail or nose but still looked good.  Painted red and called it the "Red Rocket".  Wish I could find it again.
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Took me a minute to realize what you'd done here...this is going to be a beast!  :thumbsup:
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Today we can reveal the Krasnaya Zvesda to the world. Initial tests in the Siberian tundra have been successful and this is the machine that will take the Branson Trophy for the Motherland!

The powerful engines will ensure a higher speed than anything the Capitalists can come up with. The craft's safety is guaranteed by its sturdy construction and advanced aerodynamic design, plus the most capable ejection seat in the world. For this is a monument to Socialist achievement and prowess, not a mad dash for glory by some amateur.


Looking very swift indeed. A U-2 photographed this yesterday, and I just wanted to send you a note of congratulation on your success...so far.

    Colonel D. Putt, USAF


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