Wings Over Wairarapa 2009

Started by KiwiZac, January 17, 2009, 04:30:03 PM

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Hi all!

Went to the Wings Over Wairarapa airshow at Hood Aerodrome, Masterton yesterday. Star of the show was to have been Doug Brooker's Spitfire TR.IX, but unfortunately Doug suffered an undercarriage collapse on arrival on Thursday :(, resulting in damage to the gear, underside and all four blades.

I took a sh**load of photos, but I feel these 26 are the best, and capture the essence of the show this year. I don't think the non-appearance of Doug's Spit deterred too many people from coming, the crowd yesterday was the biggest I remember seeing at Hood.

* * * STATICS * * *

The second aeroplane I was most looking forward to seeing fly, TVAL's newly completed Sopwith Triplane. What a beauty! Sadly, due to rising wind conditions, only the Pfalz, Fokker D.VII and Nieuport XI flew yesterday, with the Tripehound and other WW1 types groundbound. A real shame.

Aero Work represent!!! :P Good selection of ag aircraft present, including a Beaver with hopper and gear installed! Very cool.

The Yaks. Nine in total this year! Only eight flew, though. Interesting to see KGB has a 52W-style three blade prop with a spinner!

My gf Stevie showing her approval of DH Dove ZK-DHW

Many of you won't recognise this man, but if you've ever seen the GHOSTS calendars, or read the Warbirds Over Wanaka books, you'll be familiar with his work - Phil Makanna, world-renowned warbird photographer

* * * FLYING DISPLAY * * *

Ribbon cutting with a couple of Tiger Moths. Great to see a MASSIVE Tiger presence in the display :)

Dogfight between The Blue Max movie star Pfalz D.III and Nieuport XI, with Tim Sullivan in the Pfalz

The Yak-52s all ready to go for their pylon race. I really think this should become a permanent fixture at Kiwi shows, it was great!

Richmond "Ditch" Harding's Tiger Moth doing what it does best.

Tiger Moth ZK-ANL, which had its spraying gear fitted at Wanganui Aero Work late last year. Was cool to see this happening! Apparently she flew her last "serious" spraying mission in 1980!

John Bargh in the big Air Tractor, demonstrating modern topdressing techniques. Impressive machine this.....but not as cool as the mighty Fletcher 400!

Brett Emeny's lovely DH Vampire...

...which flew with Peter Vause's equally lovely L-39 Albatros, also New Plymouth-based.

The Fokker D.VII, another Blue Max movie veteran, the WW1 aeroplane I most want to fly.

Keith Skilling in the Old Stick and Rudder Company Corsair, always a delight to see.

Kiwi Blue take to the sky in their....Islander?!

Very cool Iroquois demo, four aircraft each doing something different. The car drop was very loud!

Kiwi Blue in formation....on the left you can see a bit of dark blue, this was the chute of one of the jumpers, that had to be cut free! He made it down safe with his reserve chute.

Seasprite, a chopper I always like to see.

One for Nick aka choppernut, one of the veteran Bell 47s of the "Sioux Blue" display team.

The Red Checkers, led this year by sometime warbird pilot Scott McKenzie - he flew the blue-tail Fokker Triplane at Wanaka last year.

Graham Bethell with a characteriscally restrained Mustang display. Always great to see though!

The Dak, which I think is the honey of the airshow circuit. I love that scheme!

The Harvards of the "Carterton Bandits" performing a buzz and break for landing after their failed "attack" on the airfield.

The final fighter flypast. Very poignant....especially as so many veterans were present at the show.

All in all, a decent show, but the lack of Spitfire and large WW1 display were a massive letdown for me. Kudos to SVAS and co for putting on a show still packed with displays!
Zac in NZ
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The Rat

Lovely stuff, can't wait for our show season to start.

Six more months...  >:(
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Some great photos, KiwiZac! The shots of the Vampire and Mustang are particularly good. :thumbsup:

I must try and make it to an airshow this year. The last one I went to was in Bundaberg (Australia) in 2007! Might try and make Kemble or Cosford I think, and Yeovilton if they have anything decent flying.
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Some damn fine photos Zac!


All hail the God of Frustration!!!


nice pictures Zac, i especially like that sopwith triplane  :wub:
and that formation of yaks  :wub:.

i hope summer comes here soon, so can go back to the airshow circuit  ;D
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Captain Canada

Now, why can't you take photos of models as good as that ? Old Phil Makanna's got nothing on you, bro....that's some mighty fine work !

Love the photo of the Dak, that's go to be my favourite of the bunch. Also, the Blue Max shot with the smoke ring...how cool is that ? The big Fletcher didn't fly ? I remember a documentary about a guy flying them a few years back. It was the first time I had ever seen one, and was quite impressed ! About those Huey pics- Do you have any sound to go with them ?


Thanks for sharing those, Zac !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

Long Live the Commonwealth !!!
Vive les Canadiens !
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OUtstanding photography Zac.  Vampire is my favourite.
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I love these photos, Zac!  I think it's cool that you got to see Philip Makanna.  I've got the current Ghosts calendar hanging next to the TV.
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:D I met him at Wanaka 2006! Nice enough guy, still completely in awe of his work.

Thanks guys, next airshow is Classic Fighters Omaka, April 10-12. Can't wait!
Zac in NZ
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Cool! Airshow just after new-year! If only summer fell in the winter...


Typically our big airshows are over Easter - Wings Over Wairarapa is the only summer show we really have. Really bloody hot!
Zac in NZ
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