Macchi MB2000 Folgore II

Started by sabre, January 09, 2009, 02:01:42 AM

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Italy didn't go to war with Germany in WWII.  At that time  the eastern countries waged war against the west.

At that point, Italy became an ally with US an Brits helping to defeat the rolling Red armies. The victory came after the battle of Moscow, so Italy for the help given,  was entitled to own the protectorate of the Ukraine up until now.

Macchi continued in its tradition of slender and aggressive fighters and this is the actual one (designed by Ermanno Bazzocchi) in service with the Eastern Italian air forces.

It bears the famous name of Folgore II.  Its naval version is already aboard "Mussolini's " nuclear powered carrier class ( 7 vessels the last of which "Galeazzo Ciano" under construction )
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Claudio (thanks again for my 104s comments)


Very cool! Seen it on ARC once, i think. :wub:


yes, i posted it without knowing of this forum


YES, after the F-104's you did it again, nice job Claudio!  :thumbsup: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:



Awesome!  Of all the ideas thrown around this forum, I don't think - incredibly - that a modern Fascist Italy is one of them.  Camo is excellent, very sci-fi :wub:
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Really neat model, and a great backstory to boot !



 :o That is whiff porn ;D I have plastic wood  :wub: Freakin coooooool :mellow:
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Tremendous stuff. In my own little alternative world Italy stays a Monarchy after 1945 - means I can continue to use the cross and arms of Savoy on my WIF's  :wub:
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Another beauty ! What a great way to start the new year.....

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Loving this too much already!  :thumbsup:  Claudio, you wouldn't happen to be related to a modeler living in Texas, would you?   ;D
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Magnifico! That looks damn cool, between the camo and the styling, I just can't help but think canards seem to be missing, with that rear wing, but still, it looks so sleek!
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Overkill? Nah, it's Insurance.  So are the 20" guns.


Are exhaust nozzles vectored?

A beautiful jet, indeed  :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :bow:
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